Florence, with a little bit of Christmas

Christmas decorations florence cathedral


One of reasons why I love living in London is that we’re just a super-short flight to anywhere in Europe that our hearts desire to set foot in. It makes for visiting Florence, a former home of mind, so easy and super affordable. It was always a dream of mine to live somewhere where I could just “weekend away in Italy”, so look at me now…

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A trip to Florence, Italy [Vlog]

Good morning/afternoon lovelies !

You may remember back around Thanksgiving time that Tom and I went on a little trip to Florence, my old stomping grounds (I lived there for a year for those that don’t know.) I took some videos and put them together for y’all. Enjoy this little quickie!

Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube so you don’t miss any of my videos. I just recorded two new ones this weekend¬†(despite being sick with food poisoning) so there’s some goodness in store for you in the next couple of weeks.

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5 things all bloggers should be doing on Twitter

twitter tips for bloggers, what bloggers should be doing on twitter

For me, Twitter > Facebook when it comes to blogging. While Facebook can be super useful, Twitter is where I have meaningful conversations with my readers and followers, and most importantly, it’s where they are. Because of this I¬†really stepped up my Twitter game a while back, and I’ve seen really positive results. But do you feel like you’re not getting the grip of it yet? Start with these 5 things that all bloggers should be doing on Twitter and you’ll start to see a growth in engagement, followers and clicks through to your blog. View Post

5 Mistakes I Made as a Newbie Blogger

Mistakes that New Bloggers Make, 5 Mistakes I Made as a New Blogger

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now on a few different blogs, and I’ve learned so much since I started my first one back in my digital marketing class in college– it was called Sweatpants and Sunglasses! Yeah, I don’t know either. But it was so fun and it’s where I started to grow my love for blogging. Just like anyone starting to make their way on a new “adventure”, I did so many things on that blog (and future ones) that I’d NEVER do on here or The Abroad Guide! Here’s a list of mistakes I’ve made along the way and that are fairly common with new bloggers. View Post