Playing with puppies [NYC Vlog #3]

black puppy

Finally… the puppies are live on Youtube!

Here’s the story behind getting to play with these little guys…

After “the incident“, when Tom flew back with me to New York, we were obviously feeling pretty low. To cheer us up, my aunt Maria, who works for the Guide Dog Foundation on Long Island, invited us to play with some puppies. Of course, it cheered us up and it now has become a bit of a tradition every time we go to New York.

On this visit (we visited twice actually!) Maria gave us a tour of the Guide Dog Foundation (where they train dogs to lead the blind) and then we got to play with yellow lab and German Shepard PUPPIES!


Learn more about the Guide Dog Foundation on their website.

And don’t forget to head to my channel and subscribe to see more videos. There will be no more puppies, but there’s still more New York shenanigans to come!

7 Fun and Useful Youtube Channels You Should Be Subscribed To

new travel youtube channels to watch, vloggers to watch on youtube

As many of you know, I’ve recently ventured into creating videos for Youtube for both Love and London and The Abroad Guide, and as part of this new journey, I’ve come to love some specific Youtubers who are creating fun, interesting, and valuable videos for their thousands (or hundreds of thousands!) of subscribers.

Here’s a list of my absolute favorites and the reasons why you should subscribe to these creators too.


1. Ben Brown

For those always feeling a bit wanderlust-y, Ben Brown’s videos will help… or at least, they’ll make you want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW. The ex-marathon kayaker travels the world with his Youtuber friends and girlfriend, always finding adventure wherever he is and filming everything along the way. He’s also got a bad-ass Landrover named Pumba, which is kinda awesome.


2. Grace Helbig

I love funny women, and my girl crush on Grace Helbig is, to be honest, getting a bit ridiculous. She creates funny videos and vlogs, with my favorites being the ones where she makes fun of classic Youtuber videos such as “my bedtime routine” and the “back-to-school makeup tutorial”. She’s got a new book out that topped the New York Time’s Self-Help best seller list (I’m about half way through it right now) and if I ever had the chance to meet her, I would possibly be sick with excitement.


3. Doug Armstrong

I met Doug at World Travel Market and he was really nice. I then checked out his channel, which covers an array of topics like travel and recipes, but the reason you should subscribe is his hack videos. I’ve learned so many useful things from them, with my favorite being his Christmas Life Hacks, where he shows you nifty things like how to create gift tags out of old Christmas cards. Brill.


4. Casey Neistat

Casey is a professional videographer in New York. His channel consists of videos that not only have incredible production value but that also get you thinking. I was first drawn to his channel when I saw his video about leaving $13,000 of video equipment in an NYC cab. Cray. He also had a great response to the Ice Bucket Challenge.


5. Savvy Sexy Social

Amy Schmittauer films three videos a week that are short, to the point, and honest about what you should or shouldn’t be doing on social media. I’ve found them so helpful and any blogger or small business would do the same. Plus, I love her wit, which makes her videos way more interesting than most out there in the same industry.


6. VagaBrothers

After watching pretty much all of the videos they’ve ever created, I managed to finagle some time to meet these guys at WTM for a few minutes. Alex and Marko were the winners of My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List competition and have been paid to travel the world for six months and create videos. I love their vids because not only do they provide tons of useful, off-the-beaten-path info about each destination they visit, their production value is high and they’re super entertaining. I recommend giving their take on Spain’s Running of the Bulls a watch.


7. VideoCreators

Anytime that a blogger who tells me that they’re looking to start getting into video, I direct them to this channel. I’ve learned so much from Tim, and he’s got a video on almost anything you could ever want to know about venturing into Youtube. Go ahead and subscribe if you (or your business) are even just thinking about delving in to video!

I have plenty of Youtubers that I love to watch but you can bet that anytime a new video by one of these guys pops up on my subscriptions page, I’ll be watching it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Love and London for travel vlogs and videos around London, and The Abroad Guide for travel tips and tricks.

Which Youtubers do you love to watch? Or, are you a Youtuber yourself? I’m always on the hunt for new channels to subscribe to, so let me know in the comments.

Notice anything new? And a [freelance] update!

social media freelancer, social media help small business, social media consultant small business

So… Love and London’s got a new look!

What do you think?

I felt it was time for not only a refresh but a good clean up of the blog, so I purchased a semi-custom design from Pipdig and it feels like a bit of a new beginning. We’re still working out a couple of the kinks so bare with me for the next week or so!

Speaking of new beginnings… you may notice a new page added to my navigation about my social media and blogging freelance services. I’m now ready to start helping small businesses and bloggers up their social media and blogging game, so take a look at that page and keep me in mind for your next big project or the next time that someone tells you that they “just don’t get social media”! I’m also available to hire for freelance blog pieces.

I’d love to get some feedback on all this new-ness happening right now. For example, can you guys see the red social media icons under “I’m Jess…” in my side bar? Like I said, still working out the kinks, but it sure feels like a whole new blog :)

I’d also love to hear from any of you are currently freelancing. Are you doing it full-time or along with a full-time job, like I am?

A little catch up

Jess in London in Florence, Italy
Well, we’re back from our quick city break in Florence. We had a lovely time, filled with good food, seeing old friends, and a Vintage Fiat 500 tour through Tuscany! Expect to see posts on all of this soon enough.


We’re driving a vintage Fiat 500 around Tuscany with @fiat500tc today! Too fun…

A video posted by Jess Dante (@jess_inlondon) on


If you have been following along on here and on my Youtube channel for the past few weeks you may have realized that there’s quite a bit of a lag between our travels and when I post my photos and videos from them. I’m not a fan of this, but my fellow bloggers and vloggers will be able to back me up on this– it takes a really long time to create blog posts and videos! And on top of that, I’m still working full-time and running The Abroad Guide, and there’s only so many non-working hours during the week and the weekends that I can devote to all this fun stuff (and it really is fun, which is why I’ve kept it all going!) So I really hope you’ll join me on Twitter and Instagram so that you can stay up to date on my travels in real-time and can see all of the lovely photos I’ve been taking around London too.

Anyways, I mentioned The Abroad Guide. We’ve got a gift guide series going over there, so if you need gift ideas for travel lovers, students about to go abroad or someone who’s just returned from traveling, check those out– and be sure to pin them to your Pinterest boards so you always have them on hand, even after the holidays.

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What’s coming up soon… there are still more videos and posts from our super fun trip to New York, so keep an eye out for those. Then, I’ll let you all in on the fantastic Fiat 500 tour we did this past weekend and the rest of our adventures in Florence.

One more thing… I’m planning on having a new look on here verrrrrryyyyy soon. I can’t wait, I think this blog needs a refresh (especially on mobile!)

So, tell me– what have you guys been up to the past few weeks? Any exciting travels or holidays plans coming up?