What to Wear When Visiting London

Let’s be honest here– us Americans are often pretty easy to spot when we’re abroad because of what we choose to wear– sweatshirts, T-shirts showing off our college of choice, or just not having very good style sense. Sorry, but it’s true! Unfortunately, that’s not always good, because it means you can be targeted by pickpocketers, as they can easily spot you as a tourist who probably is carrying cash, camera and cell phones. View Post

5 “Less Touristy” Areas to Visit in London

Everyone knows to visit London’s most popular spots like Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, etc. but the truth is that the locals avoid those areas because they’re usually packed with tourists and they don’t have much “charm”.

So I’ve put together a list of 5 areas in London that are a bit more “off the beaten path”. They aren’t as known to tourists, and show the side of London that has a lot more character.

In this video I tell you about my 5 favourite “less-touristy” areas in London that you should visit while you’re on your London vacation, and some points of interest for each area that you can check out while you’re there.

In my opinion, you really get to know a city when you avoid the “tourist attractions” and do some exploring outside of the most popular areas, so that’s why I’ve made this video for you guys. Now, watch the video, take some notes, and add these areas to your London itinerary!

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5 Off-beat areas in London to Visit - get away from the tourists and visit these 5 areas in London that have charm and show another side of Londontown. Find out what the 5 unique areas in London are, and what the points of interests to see nearby are. Become a local in London!

Which Oyster Card Should You Get While Visiting London?

Ok, so you might be aware that when you get to London, you’ll need an Oyster card to be able to use the London underground, the buses, trains, etc. (unless you have a contactless debit or credit card, that works too, but if you don’t know what that is, you don’t have it!)

But so many visitors to London aren’t aware that there are actually two types of Oyster Cards that they can use. There’s the “regular” Oyster Card, which is what local Londoners use everyday to get to work and to travel around town. But there’s also a Visitor Oyster Card, which visitors can get in advance of their visit to London.

What’s the difference between the two Oyster Cards, and which Oyster Card is the best option for your visit to London? That’s a great question.

In this video I’ll break down what you get with BOTH of the Oyster Card options, as well as the pros and cons of using each of the cards over the other. There’s a couple of important things to know for both of the Oyster card options so make sure you watch through to the end of the video.

By the time you’re done watching, you’ll know which Oyster Card you need to get for your trip to London, how to use it, and you’ll pretty much be an Oyster Card professional!

Click the video above to watch it on Youtube, and let me know what you think in the comments of the video– did you find it helpful for choosing which Oyster Card to get?

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Most visitors don't know that there are two different types of Oyster Cards that you can use while in London. Click through to find out which Oyster Card option you should choose, how to get the Oyster Card before your trip, and how to use both of the types of Oyster Cards while visiting London.