5 Mistakes I Made as a Newbie Blogger

Mistakes that New Bloggers Make, 5 Mistakes I Made as a New Blogger

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now on a few different blogs, and I’ve learned so much since I started my first one back in my digital marketing class in college– it was called Sweatpants and Sunglasses! Yeah, I don’t know either. But it was so fun and it’s where I started to grow my love for blogging. Just like anyone starting to make their way on a new “adventure”, I did so many things on that blog (and future ones) that I’d NEVER do on here or The Abroad Guide! Here’s a list of mistakes I’ve made along the way and that are fairly common with new bloggers. View Post

Driving a Vintage Fiat 500 Around Tuscany

vintage fiat 500

When Tom and I were last in Florence, it was our 2nd anniversary of the weekend that we met each other (and ultimately fell in love… I KNOW RIGHT?!) so I wanted to surprise him with a little something while we were there. I contacted the guys at 500 Touring Club after I had seen a few of my favourite Florence bloggers write about a tour they did around Tuscany… in vintage Fiat 500s! I knew Tom would really like that and it was something different– we had already done a Vespa tour during our last visit so I really wanted to change it up. I organized for Tom and I to ride along on their last tour of the season (lucky we got it!)

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