Life Lately… According to Instagram

How are you guys?

Did you know it’s halfway through July?

This is nuts.

There’s been lots going on around the Love and London household lately. All good stuff of course!

The first bits? Two days ago was my one year anniversary of moving to England.

Holy cow did that go fast.

Can you believe that this was one year and 6 days ago? I can still remember the feeling I got when I opened up my passport to see that beautiful visa. And my arrival day, July 13th, exactly three months after that awful, awful day, I arrived here. Check us out now!

Ok, moving on…

A couple of weeks ago Tom and I tested out the Generator London, a brand new and super swanky hostel. It was awesome, we loved it. I’ll be posting a review of it here soon.

Generator Hostel

That weekend we also met up with some of the family and had a little photoshoot on the Millennium Bridge.

And had fun at the Tate…

On the 5th of July I made these little guys and was feeling very patriotic.

fourth of july strawberries

I also went on a super health kick for a bit. Pretty jars make it much easier… and so does in-season watermelon!

fruit mason jar

Last week I finally tamed my tresses and brought them back to my rightful color. I felt like a new woman!

hair cut color

And this past Thursday, I rode around London on a big open top bus! So touristy. But so fun. Blog post on that later…

And this weekend, we had some NICE WEATHER! I’d say we took full advantage. Saturday evening we went to a local charity music festival that our friends headlined at. We even broke the Pimms out!


On Sunday I made some new blogger friends at afternoon tea at the Charlotte Street Hotel. It was delish, the company was lovely and we finished our tea with these little guys…

Town was buzzing and it was just amazing to be there for it.

oxford circus

I love and miss New York but I really do love this city as well.

What have you been up to lately?

London Eats: Bumpkin Notting Hill

One day, just a couple of weeks ago, I had quite a few people ask me about certain Instagram of mine.

They wanted to know all about it. Where it came from. How it tasted. What it was made of…

Read on and you’ll see what I mean.

The lovely Kelly-Sue from Bumpkin was so kind as to invite myself and a few of my fellow London bloggers to their Notting Hill location to try out their new summer menu, which was created by Executive Chef Raymond Fulton-Currie.

Coincidentally, just a few days before this was about to happen, I spotted Bumpkin’s Chelsea location on Made in Chelsea. Why do all of my reviews always come back to that show? I swear, I don’t base all of my choices off of it…

And for all of you Americans, Bumpkin apparently has been on Bravo’s Ladies of London. I haven’t seen it but hey, that’s pretty cool.

Anyways. I had had a quick preview of the menu before we gathered that day and liked what I saw. And what makes great food even better? A great atmosphere.

bumpkin summer menu

The decor at Bumpkin Notting Hill is just lovely. It was a lovely spring evening and the painted flowers on the exterior couldn’t have fit it better.

bumpkin notting hill london sunny in london bumpkin dinner

Of course, bloggers will be bloggers. Here’s Melanie from Sunny in London snapping away before we had a quick tour of the restaurant and its “entertaining areas”. .

clock table bumpkin london

A quirky table… and an umbrella covered roof. Fun for a party… don’t you think?

bumpkin bar london

The general manager Nick kindly offered me this strawberry lemonade to quench my thirst after I had hoofed it there from the Notting Hill underground stop. It was divine, and oh so summery.

Bumpkin London cocktails

bumpkin london blogger dinner

Not too much later, once we had settled into our spots for the evening, he brought us a table’s worth of Blackberry Lynchberg Lemonades. Considering the fact that I didn’t even wait till I took a picture to start sucking this guy down, I think you can tell it was delicious and a bit sweet– but not too sweet. Perfect for my taste buds. Apologies for the blurry picture…

bumpkin cocktail

The Bumpkin summer menu had quite a few delicious options (see it here), and I think the other bloggers agreed as we all pretty much ordered something different for each course… which meant a LOT of picture taking. Just because your food has arrived doesn’t mean you can just eat when bloggers are around, you know.

bumpkin london bloggers dinner

Melanie, Jacintha, and Mina chatting and snapping

bumpkin menu So, what did I choose to indulge in?

I began my meal with the soup of the day, which I believe Nick said was a root vegetable soup. I like most root vegetables and I don’t order soup THAT often when dining out, so I gave it a go. It was yummy and light, just what I needed to start me off.

bumpkin london summer menu soup

Oh, did I mention there was wine? Nick chose a wine off the top of his head to pair with each of our starters. Such a professional!

bumpkin notting hill

wine bumpkin

Jess in London Bumpkin

Next up? The mains of course! I chose the roast free range chicken breast with baked Jersey Royals (potatoes that grow on hills Nick told me, I’m embarrassed to say I had to ask!) and mixed beets. The chicken was cooked to perfection, it came with a fantastic sauce to drizzle on top, and the POTATOES– just loved ‘em. I wasn’t crazy about the beets but I’m not quite sure if I even like cooked beets anyways to be honest!

bumpkin summer menu review

Alongside our main dishes came a selection of sides, my favorite being the MAC AND CHEESE! The photo just does NOT do it justice.

bumpkin mac and cheese

Tom jokes that I’m like a little kid– I almost always want dessert after dinner. I have such a sweet tooth, it’s unhealthy. So when I laid my eyes on the dessert menu, I was pretty jazzed to see the selection, and practically squealed when I saw the baked vanilla custard, poached rhubarb and hazelnut crumble. 

Holy moly guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE crumble, and this was THE BEST I’ve ever had (besides Tom’s grandmother’s, of course!)

hazelnut crumble at bumpkin london

After writing this, I’m now craving one. ARGH!

dessert at bumpkin

Miss Selena, chief-blogger-event-organizer and gal behind Oh, The Places We Will Go, is quite a chocolate-pouring pro. Her dessert looked fantastic as well. It took a lot of self control to not ask for dessert seconds…

Bumpkin is all about seasonal, authentic British food– and I might add that it has just a bit of a twist on it. I would definitely recommend Bumpkin Notting Hill for a fun dinner with just the girls or to celebrate a special occasion in a bit more of a casual setting. The food is fantastic, the staff were knowledge and kind, and the atmosphere and decor makes you feel a bit like you’re in a quaint English home. Need I say more?

Feel free to read the reviews by my fellow bloggers Selena, Melanie, Emma, Mina and Jacintha (even if only to see what they ate!)

Bumpkin has four locations: Notting Hill (seen here), Chelsea, South Kensington, and Westfield.

You can follow Bumpkin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you visit, be sure to use the hashtag #bumpkinsummer !

bumpkin blogger dinner

Have you eaten at a Bumpkin? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Disclosure: our dinner at Bumpkin was complimentary but as always, these are my honest opinions!


Happy 5th of July!


4th of july chocolate covered strawberries

Ok, I’m a day late.

Those of us who don’t live in the US have to work on the 4th of July, ok?!

Happy Independence Day weekend to you all! I do have to say all of my US friends’ photos from yesterday and this weekend are making me miss summer in the US. Everyone’s in bikinis, at the beach or in the pool, and I’m currently in jeans and a sweater wishing I could go outside and actually get a tan. Sigh.

Tom’s not around today so I invited a couple of friends over for a mini 4th of July celebration– and I made those chocolate covered strawberries that you see above! What do you think? They didn’t come out as pretty as the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest but they were delish… and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Have a great rest of your weekend and let me know what your plans are, whether in the states or abroad!

Being a tourist in London


It’s been a month since my sister Abby visited us, and I’m only just finishing these posts up now! Time to step up my blogging game (I don’t think I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolutions very well…)

The first time that we brought Abby to London, we decided to take her on an East End tour, inspired by the fantastic Eating London Food Tour that Tom and I went on a few months ago. We weren’t in the mood for tourists (if the title of this post is now confusing you, read on…) and we’re ALWAYS in the mood for good food.

First stop was Pizza East in Shoreditch. I’m definitely a pizza snob but this one was awesome. Pesto, tomatoes, artichokes… yes please.

pizza east pesto pizza shoreditch

After stuffing our faces, we took Abby to Spitalfields Market. A little hipster haven (and a good spot to find some unique gifts), we strolled around for a bit.

spitalfields market london spitalfields market

Within 15 minutes, we had digested a bit… and Tom and I had a hankering for the bread and butter pudding that we tried on the food tour. Lucky for us, the pub we’d had it at was right next to the market!

spitalfields market london pub near spitalfields

Before our puddings came out, we refreshed ourselves with Pimms. And at that point, Abby was officially in England.


Apologies that there aren’t any photos of the pudding but if you read my review of the tour you’ll see a lovely one!

A couple of days later, we graced London with our presence again– this time, we got a bit more touristy.

First stop was a snack at Borough Market. This was my first time visiting as Tom and I usually only make it into London on Sundays…. when it’s closed. Finally we made it!

borough market london

Tom and I tried some Parmigiana Reggiano samples at an Italian cheese and meat stall, and instantly decided to pick some up. So fresh, so much flavor. YUM!

Then, influenced yet again by the Eating London Food Tour, we gravitated towards the Brick Lane Bagels… bagels borough market london borough market london beagles

…and made a purchase.

salted beef beigel at borough market

beigel borough market

Not as good as the one on the tour. Our tour guide Emily clearly brought us to the BEST…

borough market the shard

borough market london bread pudding

Abby was lured in by a man overselling a donut. He told stories of a Texan man crying over how good his donuts were. Abby likes donuts anyways so he could have really saved his breath…

borough market donut


After fueling up, it was on to the Times Square of London! Via the subway! I mean underground

leicester square underground sign Leicester square london

london guys

Abby made plenty of new friends in London…

leicester square

So, where else do you bring someone who has never been to London before?

Buckingham Palace– where the Queen lives! Of course, many photos were necessary.

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

buckingham palace

royal mile taxis

Before heading to Covent Garden where we would eventually eat again (at Wahaca. For the millionth time. They can’t keep us away!) we relaxed in Hyde Park and took in the greenery.

park near buckingham palace

Tom took the above photo. His skills are really improving! Could be due to his wonderful teacher…

What touristy bits do you recommend seeing when in London? My parents and aunt will be visiting in just a couple of weeks, so leave some suggestions in the comments!

A little fishing village called Howth


As I’ve mentioned before, I visited Dublin when I studied abroad. My favorite part of my visit was when a group of us decided to venture out of the city for some fresh air. After a half-hour train ride, we ended up in Howth.

And it was absolutely lovely.

I didn’t think we’d have enough time to visit Howth during this trip, and I was disappointed– I would have loved to visit this beautiful place again, share it with my sister and Tom, and also visit it again knowing that one of my greatest friends from my time in Florence grew up there (what a coincidence.)

So on our last day in Dublin (read about our first two days here)we checked out of our hostel and didn’t think much about Howth before breakfast.

Well, we didn’t think about MUCH before breakfast because we were hungry! I had read about a great breakfast spot called Queen of Tarts (it was recommended by the lovely ladies that make up the Lazy Travelers) and was determined to go and try it out.

It was the best day weather wise, so we decided to sit outside.

Queen of Tarts, Dublin

As I’m pretty much English now, I had to have some tea with my breakfast– and of course chose my favorite–green! Tom ordered a coffee and Abby just sat patiently waiting for our food.

Queen of Tarts, Dublin Review

While Tom went savoury and chose Eggs Benedict, our waitress informed me that there were blueberry scones– and you can figure out what happened from there.

Queens of Tarts in Dublin

It was an Instagram hit for sure….

Abby went a bit healthier with a bowl of fruit and yogurt. It looked amazing and she said she really enjoyed it…

Queen of Tarts review Dublin

We were some happy(er) campers once our meal was complete! As we went in to pay, we noticed the adorable pastry section on display… I wanted it ALL!

Queen of Tarts pastries in Dublin

If you’ve got a hankering for a good breakfast (with more sweets that savouries on offer), Queen of Tarts deserves a visit.

After breakfast, we wandered the quiet streets of Dublin for a bit. We’re not sure why it was quiet– it seemed as if it may have been a holiday. But it was nice to see the streets as they are, not packed with tourists.

Streets of Dublin Dublin Howth, Dublin

After about twenty minutes of wandering, we decided that we had nothing to do and a bit of time to do it. So I made an executive decision– we were going to Howth!

We made our way to train station, bought our tickets, and not much longer after we were on our way to Howth. And thirty minutes later, we were there.

And as soon as we emerged from the train station, we saw our friends that we had been with the night before!

They were planning on doing a bit of hiking. We weren’t quite dressed for that but were happy to wander around the town a bit with them.

Howth was just as lovely as I remembered (just with a few more tourists!) It’s one of those places where I just couldn’t put my camera down, everything that we walked past was worthy of its photo being taken.

Howth, Ireland

It was a bit surreal being back in this place three and a half years after I had been, and I was there with my husband and sister. Never would I have ever thought that I’d be in these circumstances when I would visit this little place again…

Howth, Ireland outside of Dublin

Fishing town outside of Dublin

Howth Ireland

Trip to Howth Dublin

Howth Ireland

Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Howth outside of Dublin

We attempted to take a photo for this year’s Christmas card– what do you think?

Our friends eventually got hiking and we decided to just sit and enjoy the seaside.

Day trip out of Dublin Howth Howth trip to howth visit howth, dublin dublin, howth

Converses, Howth, Ireland

Howth fishing sign

Soon enough, it was time to head back to Dublin so we could grab our stuff and catch our flight back to London.

Have you visited Howth?

Three days in Dublin

Dublin Graphic

My sister just graduated from James Madison University (my alma mater, go Dukes!) and starts three and a half years of chiropractic school in September– hence why she came to visit a couple of weeks ago (it will be a while until she can get back here again!)

And while I may be a bit of a globetrotter, Abby hasn’t been out of the country since 2007 (sorry Ab, Cancun for spring break doesn’t count). She mentioned Dublin in the early talks of her trip, and since neither her nor Tom had ever been, we decided to squeeze it into her trip itinerary. Flights from London to Dublin are just an hour long and are really cheap with Ryanair– how could we say no?

I visited Dublin when I studied abroad all those years ago– but we’ll talk about that a bit later…

So when we arrived in Dublin and after we stored our luggage at our hostel, where do you think we went to first?

DSC_0753 ED   DSC_0746 ED

Can’t miss the Guinness! It was a great way to start our trip. Although we went through the self-guided brewery tour pretty fast and got straight to the good part– pints with a view!

DSC_0762 ED DSC_0763 ED DSC_0767 ED DSC_0768 ED DSC_0775 ED DSC_0784 ED DSC_0792 ED

I recommend a visit if you’re in Dublin– and if you’re lucky, some nice Aussies will give you their free pint tickets so you can enjoy TWO rounds…

By the time we were done, our stomachs were growling, so we fretted up back at the hostel and ventured not far to The Brazen Head– Ireland’s Oldest Pub and the place that I had the most DELISH Irish stew during my last visit.

The lighting was terrible so I didn’t snap a picture of our food, but I highly recommend getting the Irish stew that has beef in it, not lamb. I made that mistake and wish I had gone with the beef! I didn’t love it, but I’ve also come to realize that I just don’t really like lamb at all… Abby had bangers and mash and thought it was delish.

Some pictures I took in the light of day…

photo 1 photo 2

The next day, we went on a bike tour.

I seriously love bike tours.


Well, I think you can see so much more than you would in a walking tour. Because you have bikes to tend to, you aren’t obligated to go into every single church, castle, or museum you stop at. You get some exercise while you’re doing it. Also, bikes are FUN! When visiting a new city, I usually like to go on a bike tour to see all of the obligatory sights– then once I’m done, I move onto the local spots….

A few of our notable bike-tour stops include…

trinity college dublin

Trinity College. Our uncle studied here!

the garden of remembrance dublin

The Garden of Rememberance

Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Castle

The Church, Dublin

The Church— was once a church. Is now a pub.

I would have snapped some more photos but I was enjoying just soaking everything up without having to document it all (oh, the life of a blogger.) If you’re looking for a bike tour in Dublin, I’d recommend ours– it was the one run by Generator Hostel (where we were staying) and was meant to be 15 euros but was on sale for the week for just 10. SCORE.

We certainly worked up an appetite on our tour, so once we dropped the bikes back at the hostel we ventured to The Porterhouse, as per a recommendation from our Dublin Food Guide on The Abroad Guide (thanks Sarah!) Turns out I had been to the pub before– to watch the Italy vs. Ireland football game that was going on that weekend! Oh, memories.

We all ordered burgers and one of the house beers. Both were on point (and hit the spot after our trek around Dublin!)

DSC_0796 ED

The weather was attempting to hold out for us so we wandered for a couple of hours.

DSC_0805 ED DSC_0807 ED DSC_0820 ED DSC_0822 ED Later that night we met up with one of my friends from Florence who is getting his Master’s in Dublin. He had some visitors and we had such a great night out! No pictures to show but you’ll get to see them in the next post about our final day in Dublin– we visited the most picturesque Irish town and it needs its own post to do it justice!

Have you ever visited Dublin? What was your favorite part of the city?

One-year anniversary.

Well hello!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted last, mainly because my sister was visiting us from New York! Tom and I were off work, and I’d like to say that we took a little break from technology — except I just can’t help but Instagram and tweet!


We began our time off on May 29th– our one year wedding anniversary! Tom whisked Abby and I into London to a surprise destination for dinner (actually, Abby knew, I didn’t, and you’ll notice this was a pattern as you continue reading this post). We ended up at the top of a building, in a swanky restaurant called Madison. It was loud and SO London, and I absolutely loved it. The food was fantastic (I had the risotto with truffle oil– and I LOVE truffle oil so I was one happy girl) and Tom and Abby enjoyed their dishes as well. And just as good were the cocktails. I wish I had a better photo to show, but it was quite dark…

madison restaurant london, rooftop restaurant madison london

where to go for anniversary london, london restaurant rooftop

anniversary dinner london, madison anniversary dinner, dinner rooftop london

It was a great first anniversary.

That Saturday, Tom, Abby and I went over to Tom’s dad’s house, where we were going to head to the pub next door (called The Grumpy Mole– best name ever!) for afternoon tea. The backyard gate was open, so I went through– and heard “SURPRISE!”

surprise party


My super-sneaky husband had organized a surprise party– and all of our friends were in on it too!

I had literally NO idea. Which worries me a bit. I’m friends with some VERY good liars…

Anyways. Many of our closest family and friends were there, and we had such a lovely afternoon! I couldn’t stop smiling and felt so fortunate that after less than a year in the UK that I’ve become so close with such amazing people.

surprise party decorations Surprise party Surrey

Surprise Anniversary party

surprise party cupcakes flags

The amazing cupcakes that Tom’s sister and mom made

surprise party bunting decorations

surprise party England

surprise party

Tom Surprise Party


Tom and Johnny


We had LOTS of Pimms…

girls surprise party

anniversary party

Jade Anniversary Party


nina anniversary party

me and tom surprise

It was absolutely perfect.

Later that night, we had a big night out– no (acceptable) pictures from that unfortunately :)

I woke up the next morning with the biggest smile on my face. I have the best husband, friends and family and couldn’t be more thankful. Thanks to everyone who was able to come celebrate with us and who sent their love from all over the world!

Getting paid to be in paradise

I’m one lucky gal.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I just got back from a sun-and-fun-filled trip to St. Lucia and Grenada. I was sent out to do some Instagramming and Tweeting of the Sandals resorts for my job… despite what the photos may show, IT WAS EXTREMELY HARD WORK. Do you even know how many three-course meals I had to eat and how many “millionaire suites” I had to test out?!? It was quite rough.

Just a few photos…

grenada room view

The view from my hotel room in Grenada

st lucia by the pool

Grenada by the pool

Pool. Swim up bar. Cabanas. What else do you need?

st lucia holiday

I was the only one from my company that went on the trip but there were 11 other people from various travel companies that came along as well. Everyone was so incredibly nice and I felt like I didn’t stop laughing the entire trip.

st lucia

And Sandals re-grammed one of my ‘grams. Which I kinda love.

So… what did you do these past few days?

Travel Tuesday: 6 Fun and Cheap Food Spots in New York

Cheap food spots in New York, where to eat in New York for cheap, cheap food in New York City

It’s another Travel Tuesday! This week, I’ve put together a list of two of the things that I know best– New York City and FOOD.

If you’re heading to New York City sometime soon, then be sure to check out these six cheap food spots in NYC.

1. S’Mac
This place only serves Mac ‘N Cheese. So… what more do you need to know? I personally love the Cheeseburger option as well as La Mancha. You can also build your own (SO MANY OPTIONS!) Just a heads up– these things are FILLING, so go for a nice walk after you’ve ingested this deliciousness.

Locations: Murray Hill and East Village

cheap places to get food in nyc, street food in nyc

Photo via Wafels & Dinges

2. Wafels & Dinges
This is one of my favorite food trucks/carts in NYC. I studied abroad in Belgium, the home of the waffle, and these guys makes a REAL Belgian waffle, not the huge, not as yummy ones we’re used to in the US. I highly recommend topping yours with Speckulos, a graham cracker spread. The above is their “Apple of My Pie” waffle– YUP. And to top it off, the staff who run the truck (they also have a few carts around the city) have a great sense of humor– you can get your topping for free if you perform the trick of the day (like… order like a pirate). Follow them on Twitter to find where they’re at that day.

Wafels & Dinges
Locations: Around the five boroughs

cheap food in new york city, cheap eats in NYC

3. Shake Shack
I was lucky enough to move to England right as they opened a Shake Shack in Covent Garden. Go here for a banging burger, fries, and concrete (milkshake). If there’s a line, wait on it– it’s worth it. The Madison Square Park location is my favourite because you can sit outside to enjoy your food. If you’ve got a pup in toe, order a Poochini for him so he doesn’t feel left out!

Shake Shack
Location: Madison Square Park + more

4. Schnitzel & Things
Another throwback from my study abroad semester– I lived in Manhattan the summer after it and this truck was able to cure my schnitzel craving. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll like schnitzel, give it a shot. The sides that you can choose from are unique– if you’re not sure which you’ll like, ask the guys running the truck for a suggestions.

Oh, and fun fact– I was on an episode of Eat Street talking about Schnitzel N’Things. #celebstatus

Schitnel & Things
Location: Varies– follow on Twitter to find it

5. Chelsea Market

Some of the restaurants in the Chelsea Market are quite expensive, but there are plenty of smaller take-away food shops that will fill your stomach on the cheap. I especially love the brownies from Fat Witch Bakery– YUM. Take a look around before settling, then grab a treat and do a bit of souvenir shopping while you’re at it.

Chelsea Market
Location: Chelsea

cheap food spots in new york city, where to eat for cheap in new york

6. Artichoke Pizza
Ask Tom what his number one recommendation is for New York City and he’ll say Artichoke Pizza. I brought him to try the infamous slice on his first visit and he still hasn’t stopped talking about it. I don’t care if you don’t like artichokes, go and get a slice of creamy Artichoke Pizza.

Artichoke Pizza
Locations: East Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Laguardia Airport, Queens

Which cheap food spots do you recommend in New York? Have you visited any of my recommendations?

London To Do: The Cocktail Masterclass at La Brasserie

Sunday nights are made for cocktail classes.

When my American blogging friend Melanie from Sunny in London invited me to try out the cocktail masterclass at La Brasserie in Chelsea, I probably shouldn’t have hesitated a bit in saying yes as I had work the next day. Is that bad? Nah. I never miss an opportunity for a cocktail!

So Sunday evening I arrived in Chelsea (secretly hoping I’d spot someone from the Made in Chelsea gang– YES I SAID IT) to La Brasserie, not quite sure what to expect but knowing it would be a good time with Melanie and our other blogger accomplice Selena of Oh, The Places We Will Go!

The Lovely Matthew of The Steeple Times, greeted me with a glass of wine and we chatted until the rest of the gang arrived. Then, when we were ready, expert bartender Alex brought (me first) behind the bar to get started.

First step of La Brasserie’s cocktail class– choosing which one you’re going to learn how to make!

cocktail class la brasserie cocktail menu la brasserie london

A Wild Berry Martini sounded pretty good to me, so next it was time to learn how to create it!

cocktail making class london

A bit of ingredient adding and lots of shaking later (the whole bar cheered as I did.. pretty cool!) I was pouring away.

la brasserie cocktails

cocktails in chelsea

And there it was, ready to be drank, fruit garnish and all.

wild berry cocktail la brasserie

la brasserie cocktails london

And then it was my time to drink (and snap photos, in true blogger form) as Melanie hopped behind the bar. She chose to create the Passion Fruit Martini. Such a Florida girl…

sunny in london la brasserie melanie sunny in london cocktails

Melanie’s birthday had been the day before, so right as she finished her cocktail, she received a sweet treat!

birthday cake la brasserie

I can’t remember which type of cake it was but I DO remember it was delicious– I think that’s the most important part…

By this time, I was a glass of wine and a half a martini down, so Alex brought us some nibbles to ensure we didn’t stumble out of there later in the evening.

snacks at la brasserie in chelsea

And then it was time for Selena to get mixing. She chose to make the Brasserie Julep. It had tea in it! So English (even though the Texan chose it!)

selena cocktail class selena the places in chelsea selena cocktail masterclass

Look at that cool cup that it came in! At that point I was jealous that I didn’t get a little more adventurous…

La Brasserie Cocktail Class

Photo courtesy of Sunny in London

Once our class was over and we all had our cocktails, we stayed at the bar and got to know the restaurant’s regulars, which was one of the best parts of the evening. Even though it was a Sunday night, the place was buzzing with locals who all knew the bartenders and other staff by name, and the three of us got to chatting to a few of them. We even met a guy who has breakfast there almost every morning. They MUST be doing something right…

Before we called it a night (but after a couple more glasses of wine… eek) Alex made the Brasserie Martini– complete with an oyster!

photo I’m not an oyster person, so naturally, our Floridian Melanie tried it. But I of course tasted the actual cocktail– it was an interesting, sweet-ish cocktail. Does that make sense? I don’t think I’ll become a drink critic anytime soon… oh, and look how cool this glass is? The bottom bit is full of ice to keep it cool (see below…)

The Cocktail Masterclass at La Brasserie is at 6pm every Sunday and is only £10, which includes the drink you create. You won’t be a pro at mixing when it’s over, but it’s a fun way to make some new friends and have a good time on a Sunday evening. I didn’t get to eat anything besides a few bites, but the burgers are meant to be fantastic there– and you can read Melanie’s review of their afternoon tea.

La Brasserie Cocktail Masterclass, Chelsea

Disclosure: us bloggers were invited to La Brasserie for a complimentary class in exchange for a review. But as always, I’m keeping it real.