6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Sucks (and How to Fix It)

How to Be Better at Instagram for your blog, how to use instagram for your blog


Instagram now has more users than Twitter and if you use it correctly, it can be a great compliment to your blog; as an example, take a look at World of Wanderlust, a travel blogger who’s  killing it on the visually-based platform. But I’ve heard others say that they’re stuck– they have minimal followers, little engagement and just don’t get it. So as a continuation of my blogging tips series, I’m breaking down the reasons why your Instagram sucks, and what you can do about it.

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7 Food Spots in London Worth Visiting

restaurants to try in London, where to eat in London, good restaurants in london

My favorite way to explore a city is by stuffing lots of food in my mouth. I’ve been successful at discovering London by eating-till-almost-barfing status since I’ve moved here and I have every intention on continuing (sorry wallet!) I get asked for food recommendations from readers all the time, so here’s a list of seven of my favorite food spots in London. I warn you that this list is always growing– check back in a few months and it will have increased in length, indefinitely…

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What to Do in Bologna in 2 Days

Things to do in Bologna, Two Days in Bologna

As I mentioned in my post about underrated places to visit in Europe, Bologna is an Italian city that is so unfairly overshadowed by big-wigs Florence, Rome and Venice. I had never thought to visit but after I did during the first year of the Blogville program, it became my number one recommendation for a place to visit in Italy for something just a bit different, being great for foodies, city break-ers and culture buffs alike. Got 48 hours there? Here’s what to do with two days in Bologna. View Post