7 Things to Do in London’s Covent Garden

Welcome to my first area guide video! 

Covent Garden is one of the most popular areas in London to visit as a tourist, but lots of locals love the area too because of its good shopping, GREAT food spots, and world-famous street performers.

Click above to watch the guide to Covent Garden to learn what to do while in the area and to see how you can get a free, printable Covent Garden Guide.

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7 Things to Do in London's Covent Garden - a guide to what to do, see and eat in London's Covent Garden area. Click through for the guide to Covent Garden!

How to Use Your Phone While Traveling in Europe

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How to Use Your Phone While Traveling in Europe - All of your options for staying connected to the internet and to be able to use your phone while on your Europe trip. How to get yourself a local SIM card, how to get a pocket wifi device, and more connectivity tips for your trip to Europe

How to Deal With Weather in London

OH MY GOSH, if I was tossed a pound coin every time someone asked me what the weather would be like when the visit London, I’d be one RICH YOUTUBER.

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How to Exchange + Spend Money in London

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