6 Things That Will Help You Take Way Better Travel Pics

What photo gear to get to take better travel photos, things that help you take better photos when traveling

I think most people can relate to this situation. You’re in a beautiful location, on the trip of a lifetime, and the scenery in front of you is just breath-taking. The colors are so vivid, the details are incredible, and you can barely believe what you’re experiencing. You pick up your camera to take a photo so that you can remember this moment and everything you’re seeing. Then, later on, you scroll through the photos you took in that moment, and realize that none of them do it ANY justice. One’s blurry, a hand made its way into another, and the colors are so… muted. Damn.

While that sucks (big time), the great news is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to transform your travel photos from blah to gorgeous. A few bits of photo gear, software, and a good eye will help you to take much better travel photos. View Full Post

How to Look Stylish While Traveling

How to look stylish while traveling, ways to stay looking good while traveling

I strive to always look my best, no matter what I’m doing— and travel is certainly no different. It’s not the easiest thing to do though— we can’t all look like Jessica Alba does when we step off a 12-hour flight (I mean really, it’s just ridiculous how good she looks) but it’s no reason to be schlepping around an airport in a sweatshirt with greasy hair to top it off. Here are my top tips on how to look stylish while traveling. View Full Post

5 Things to Do in Nantes, France

What to do in Nantes France, Nantes Travel Guide, cool things in Nantes

I’m not a fan of Paris. There, I said it. But I have visited other parts of France and felt differently. I spent six days in Pays de la Loire’s Nantes for a travel blogging conference, and although I had never even heard of this French city, it’s found a place on my list of suggestions for off-beat places to visit in Europe. If you want to experience a French city without the hoards of tourists and ridiculously high prices, head to Nantes and do these five things while you’re there.

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