(More) fun in Nantes, France

The last video in my Nantes series is now live– watch to see the rest of what I was up to on my trip to Nantes. It includes mechanical elephants and the Nantes Jazz Festival…

What do you think of Nantes? Does it seem like a city you’d like to visit? Let me hear your thoughts!

Cooking local at L’Atelier des Chefs in Nantes

cooking local in Nantes, France

Never in my dreams would I ever have thought that I’d be able to say I took a private cooking class at the age of 25, but here I am now blogging about it. Le sigh…

l'atelier des Chefs nantes

For my second day in Nantes I was invited to a cooking class at L’atelier des Chefs and hosted by local food blogger Stephanie from Une Graine d’Idee.

cooking class nantes pears

I met my soon-to-be-cooking-partner-in-crime Sara from This Girl Loves, and after a quick croissant break, our class began. If you’d like to see lots of pictures of my hands mushing things together and examples of my concentration face (as well as a much more detailed account of the class) read her blog post about it.

sara this girl loves

Stephanie chose the menu, which consisted entirely of local specialties. There’s nothing I love better when traveling than learning about what the locals eat, but this time I had the chance to MAKE it too!

Chef Gilles also helped us out, with the patience of a god as we took all of our photos and videos. Do you know how long a cooking class takes when it involves bloggers? So long that I was STARVING by the time we got to eating. But anyways…

We learned how to create a three course meal, and the starter was my favourite of the dishes.

latelier chefs nantes cheese

It consisted of Le Cure Nantais, a local cheese that’s a bit like Camembert.  We cut the cheese into pieces and then double breaded each in  nut butter and bread crumbs. Smelled a bit funny when we first cut it into eighths, but we soon forgot.

le cure de nantais nantes cheese

After frying the coated bits, we placed a few pieces on top of local Nantes greens and put some berries on top.

cooking class nantes

plating first course

first course cooking class nantes

Next up was the main course– fresh sea bass and local veggies.

I must admit I’m not a fish-lover. And I’m DEFINITELY not a fish de-boner. Quite embarrassingly, I could not do the de-boning of my fish. Sara did it with ease and I asked Stephanie, with puppy-dog eyes, to de-bone mine …

We all concluded that I’m a much better eater than I am a cook. Fine by me.

plating second course cooking class in nantes, france french cooking class nantes

Because we were eating a bit heavily during the first two courses (this region is known for adding butter to EVERYTHING), Stephanie opted for a nice light dish called crémet Nantais, made with a local whipped cream, fresh fruit and berries, homemade crumble (YAY) and a fantastic syrup that we created that was made with ginger (my fave), vanilla, and a few other bits and pieces.

ginger dessert syprup

cooking class nantes dessert


It was a GREAT choice on Stephanie’s part!

dessert class in nantes

dessert in nantes class

nantes dessert cooking course

cooking course in nantes review

We enjoyed our meal with a local white wine (I believe it was Muscadet, which I had every day that I was in Nantes because it was so DELISH) and when we were all overly full and extremely happy, we made our way back into the calm bustle of the city of Nantes.

I also produced a video of our cooking class– watch it to see Sara, Stephanie and I in action!

Special thanks again to Stephanie letting us experience the local dishes of her hometown (and for putting up with Sara and I’s nonexistent French!) If you’re ever in Nantes, make sure to pop by L’Atelier des Chefs for a cooking course, as they have every type that you may want to experience. They also have quite a few more locations around France (include Lyon and Paris) .

Disclosure– this class was complimentary but as always, all opinions (and tastebuds) are my own.

Living out of a suitcase…

… would be a bit of an overstatement when talking about my last month and a half.

BUT. It has felt just a bit like I have been. My mom even texted me asking why I bother unpacking?

First, I started September off in Nantes, a lovely and completely underrated city in France. Have you seen my first video from the trip?


Oh, Nantes.

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Next up was 10 days in New York… it may be where I grew up but it was still a dream come true…



Top of the Rock sunset. View on Instagram

And this past Friday, I went into work thinking it was just a normal day, not knowing that less than 24 hours later I would be on a plane to Verona.


❤️ Verona

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My first day in Nantes, France

I’ve been traveling quite a bit over the past month or so. You may remember that I back in the beginning of September I was in Nantes, France for a traveling blogging conference. I had no idea what to expect from this city (the first time I heard of it was when the conference’s location was announced) and I ended up absolutely loving it– the food, the atmosphere, even the public transportation was enjoyable…

While I took some photos while I was there (you’ll get to see those soon) I focused on taking video for this trip so I could add some new content to my Youtube channel and so I could also show you guys my experience through a couple of different mediums– pictures are fantastic, but sometimes a video is the only way to really understand it all!

Check out the video of my first day below!

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Afternoon tea and a walk through the English countryside

On the last day of their visit, my parents and aunt were able to experience the lovely tradition of afternoon tea. maria mia

We visited one of my favorite pubs, The Grumpy Mole, and enjoyed a full tea out in the sun. afternoon tea

Once we stuffed our faces full of buttered scones and teeny finger sandwiches, we decided to go for a walk so we could work off our full bellies a bit. mia walking path

I think these pictures almost do England’s countryside justice…. so I’ll refrain from chatting for a bit and let you just soak it in… pathway DSC_0822


We met some more pups along the way…


tom fields Jess dad family fields tom's family fields

me flowers footpath sign jess dante yellow fields jess dante fields yellow jess mia

Tom took my camera and played a game with Mia where he would quickly snap a photo right next to her head as we all were walking along. It looked a bit ridiculous at first but some of the pictures came out pretty cool! mia snapshot mia snapshot 2 me mia tree in field

When the weather is nice in England, it is SUCH a lovely place to be. Thankfully, it was absolutely beautiful the entire time that my family was visiting, and we were able to enjoy the country in its best state…

How to keep in touch when traveling or living abroad

Happy Travel Tuesday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Travel Tuesday post, but it’s time that I revive the series… and I’m doing so with a VIDEO!

During my travels and time as an expat, I’ve learned the ins and outs of being able to keep in touch with family and friends back at home without spending a fortune. So whether you’ll be traveling abroad for a few weeks or moving to a new country, watch this video for my tips on how to keep in touch with everyone back at home.

Do you have any other tips for keeping in touch while being abroad? Share your knowledge in the comments.

What to do with your family in London

tower bridge from bus

Although my parents and Aunt Maria were only with us for a week and we had lots already planned (including the wedding) we couldn’t pass up a day in London.

Tom and I gave Abby the “sister” tour of London a couple of months back (which focused a bit more on the off-the-beaten-path side of the city) but we knew that with my parents and Maria that we’d stick to the iconic London sights.

I had been on one of the Big Bus Tours briefly back in June for a fun blogging event, and after our 45-minute ride around the city, I knew it would be the best way to show them the sights without (completely) exhausting them (and us!)

So we booked our tickets and hopped on the Big Bus Tour. It was quite warm that day so it was lovely to sit on top of the bus and get a nice breeze as we passed by some of the most famous sites in the world!

tower of london

The benefit of these buses is that you can hop on and off of them when you want to stop and see something. After passing the Tower of London (just before they installed the poppies unfortunately– if you don’t know what that means, take a look at this ), we hopped off near Westminster for some photos.

london eye

mom dad westminster bridge road london eye bridge

big ben parents

big ben traffic

After some classic snaps, we hopped back on the bus and disembarked at Buckingham Palace.

big ben red bus bridge

buckingham palace

Tom and I love Covent Garden, so we made sure we took the bus towards there next. We were starting to get hungry so we ate lunch at Rossopomodoro, my favorite spot in town for pizza, before heading to Covent Garden to see the street performers and the market.

tom covent garden covent garden

Included in the price of your full-day bus ticket is a river cruise, so to finish our day of sightseeing, we hopped on the cruise at the London Eye and got some last-minute views of London before heading back to Surrey.

big ben waiting for river cruise shadow big ben

tower bridge

If you want to do a day of sightseeing in London, I’d recommend the Big Bus Tour. The tickets aren’t the cheapest (I think we paid £32 each for the day) but if you order them ahead of time online it’s cheaper. It’s not something we would have chosen to do with Abby, as we weren’t too concerned with seeing the iconic London sites as much (she had seen those on her own while Tom and I were still at work). But it’s a much better way to go than attempting to work out the underground or London bus system– and it’s fun to ride on the top of the bus and pass some of the most beautiful sights in the world!

How do you like to sightsee in a city? What do you usually recommend doing when parents or family members come to visit?

All five of us paid for our tickets on the Big Bus Tour, and I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I just think it’s a great way to see the sights in London when you’re with your family!

Southwest Four Music Festival


Hey y’all.

I’m taking a quick break from the posts from my family’s visit for a couple of reasons— one is that right now I’m in Nantes, France for TBU, a blogging conference for which I am the social media manager, so I’m busy running around this amazing city as I tweet, Instagram, etc.

The other reason is that I actually have a new video for you! You may have seen me tweet it a few days ago. Over the bank holiday weekend, we went to Southwest Four, a dance music festival. I’ve decided to start creating more videos for my blog, so I figured this one would be great practice.

Southwest Four is held on Clapham Common in London— watch the video to see how the day went…

Since this is my “first” video, let me know— what did you like or not like about it? (Be nice please!) You can subscribe to the Love and London Youtube channel to see when I upload new videos about London, my favorite travel tips, videos about expat life, and more.

What videos would you like to see from me? Let me know in the comments!

Sun, beach, and Halloumi burgers in Brighton


brighton beach

After the wedding commotion died down, it was time for Tom and I to show my parents and aunt some of England.

Maria’s English co-worker wrote down some suggestions for places to visit, and when we heard that Brighton was on the list, we didn’t hesitate to plan a day there, especially since it had been quite a while since we’d been last.

brighton beach front
The days just kept getting more beautiful as their visit went on, making me look like a drama queen for complaining about how wet and cold it always is here. I’m sticking to that story– they just got lucky this time! parents visiting brighton

brighton seagull
We went for a stroll on the pier. It was a Monday but the weather was so nice that the city was packed. brighton pier brighton pier family
brighton pier ferris wheel brighton pier sea brighton pier beach
After a nice stroll on the pier and along the seafront, we set out to find some food. Tom recommended we go to Bill’s, which he’s talked about but has never brought me to (how rude.) menu Bill's brighton bills brighton
If you’re ever in Brighton, I highly recommend a visit to this quirky place. The atmosphere and decor was fun and relaxed, the staff were nice, but most importantly, the food was on point.  bills halloumi burger
My mom and I both ordered a Halloumi burgers (my parents and Maria had become big fans of the cheese by this point) that had sweet chili sauce and some other goodness on it.

My dad opted to try the fish and chips… with mushy peas (Americans don’t quite get mushy peas, the name is strange but they do taste pretty good!) bills fish and chips

Maria and Tom both opted for chicken skewers with cous cous and tzatziki.  Bill's Brighton Maria bill's brighton mom

bill's brighton restaurant After lunch, we walked off our full tummies in the streets of Brighton.

brighton streets

brighton ice cream

And it wasn’t long until my dad, the king of ice cream, found this place, where you can build your own milkshake. A nice way to end the day in Brighton…

A Summer Wedding in England

A few weeks ago, I attended my first wedding in England.

And well, after thinking about it, it was the first wedding I’ve been to in at least ten years… besides my own of course!

Tom’s dad got married to his beautiful fiance, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day– both weather-wise and “wedding-wise”!

ghyll manor grounds

The wedding was held at a beautiful hotel in Sussex, at which we stayed the night before and the night of the wedding (no drunken cab rides home thank goodness!)

ghyll manor tom

The grounds were just stunning, and the sun made them even more beautiful.

ghyll manor grounds tom

ghyll manor garden

ghyll manor flowers

family garden

The lighting was so nice at this point that I had to stop my parents and my aunt for a quick picture.

I decided not to get snap-happy during the wedding ceremony, as I wanted to enjoy it and appreciate every bit of it. I also didn’t want my loud shutter disrupting the peace…

I didn’t really get around to taking some photos until a bit late in the day, which you’ll see in a bit.

But first… here’s what I wore…

dress for wedding

I was on the hunt for a dress for the wedding for quite a while but couldn’t seem to find anything that I loved or that fit the right way. So when my friend Amy gave me this beautiful dress from her boutique J’Adore Style to wear, I was the happiest girl in the world– especially because it fit PERFECTLY and was exactly what I wanted in a dress. It’s a great dress for a wedding, you can see it on her site here.

guest dress for wedding dress for summer english wedding

The shoes are from Asos– another thing that it took me a while to find, but when I did, they fit perfectly, were comfortable (relatively speaking) and we’re only £20!

dress for english wedding

Now, enough pictures of (just) me…

After the beautiful ceremony (yes, I shed a tear) and cocktail hour, we sat down in the tent (or marquee as the English call it) for a lovely dinner.

me and tom

Too much fun with the camera…

jof and kate

tom and me at the table

After dessert was served, the speeches began. Sam started it off…

sam speech

Then Grant…

grants speech

sam's hair

And then the star of the show– the best man, Tom!

tom speech

Tom was quite nervous before he got up to speak (the only time I’ve EVER seen him nervous was for this and to speak at our own wedding) but as soon as he started, everyone was already laughing. I was so proud of him– people were practically crying from laughter! I wish I had recorded it but Tom didn’t want me to (although after the fact he wished I had too.)


Some of our friends came a bit later in the evening to celebrate with us as well! We all started to get a bit silly at that point… could have been the wine? The champagne? The love in the air?


cupcakes kate and jof

Cupcakes are the new wedding cake.

cupcakes girls

wedding cupcakes

This is the last of the photos from the night– as soon as the band started playing, I put my camera back in our room and started dancing!

The day was just perfect and I was so happy to celebrate not only with Grant and Sam but to have my family there as well!