Avignon and pretty little French towns [Provence Vlog 1]

The first vlog from our trip to Provence is now live on my Youtube channel! There will be another one coming up next week so be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the lavender fields. No one doesn’t like lavender fields… View Full Post

7 Things To Do Around London’s Bankside

what to do bankside in london, guide to bankside neighborhood
This post has been created in collaboration with citizenM hotels. Photo credit: Gian Luca Ponti

The area of Bankside, located near popular London neighborhoods such as Southbank, Borough, and London Bridge, is an area visited by many but it’s hard to figure out what to do and where to eat around there— there are so many options. So citizenM, a group of hotels that are affordable but still super stylish (seriously, take a look at it their site to see), has a location in Bankside, so we’ve teamed up to create a guide to the area. Here are seven things to do, see or eat around Bankside. View Full Post

The South of France

Durban winery france
We’ve returned from France after a week in the heat (thank goodness for refreshing pools!)

Have you been following along on Instagram? What did you think of my photos? I took them with my new camera. It was a handy little thing– there are some things I like better on a DSLR but for travel, it worked out pretty well. View Full Post

8 Chic Pieces of Carry-on Luggage To Ditch Old Faithful For

chic carry-on luggage, stylish carry-on luggage, pretty carry-on suitcases

When I studied abroad, I cringe to think back to the luggage that I used to take on my weekend trips. I used this old and beat up soccer duffel bag that an ex-boyfriend had given me— it was blue and yellow. BLEH. And it was heavy as hell! I learned my lesson since then, and am totally for investing in a chic carry-on bag that will last you for ages and not get you in trouble with the TSA either. And seriously— you have to lug this thing through the entire airport with you— do you really want to be seen with a nasty old backpack or duffel? No. No you don’t. Invest in one of these chic pieces of carry-on luggage before your next trip instead. View Full Post