7 Food Spots in London Worth Visiting

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My favorite way to explore a city is by stuffing lots of food in my mouth. I’ve been successful at discovering London by eating-till-almost-barfing status since I’ve moved here and I have every intention on continuing (sorry wallet!) I get asked for food recommendations from readers all the time, so here’s a list of seven of my favorite food spots in London. I warn you that this list is always growing– check back in a few months and it will have increased in length, indefinitely…

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What to Do in Bologna in 2 Days

Things to do in Bologna, Two Days in Bologna

As I mentioned in my post about underrated places to visit in Europe, Bologna is an Italian city that is so unfairly overshadowed by big-wigs Florence, Rome and Venice. I had never thought to visit but after I did during the first year of the Blogville program, it became my number one recommendation for a place to visit in Italy for something just a bit different, being great for foodies, city break-ers and culture buffs alike. Got 48 hours there? Here’s what to do with two days in Bologna. View Post

What to Pack for a Romantic Getaway

What to pack for a romantic getaway, what to bring on a romantic holiday, romantic trip packing list

This post is sponsored by Aruba Tourism. 

Tom and I never went on a honeymoon, but in our short time that we’ve had together I feel like we’ve already come to master the art of the romantic getaway, whether it be for just a night or a week-long trip. So when the Aruba Tourism Authority asked me to create a packing list for a romantic getaway to help spread the word about romantic Aruba, I knew it would be easy. Ironically, when I think of a romantic getaway, I think of a sunny destination, like Aruba, but this packing list can apply to any destination. Here are seven things you should bring along. View Post