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Planning an itinerary for a trip to London is overwhelming and time consuming. 

I get it, and you're not alone if you feel stressed... I hear it from our community all the time.  

There's so much choice for things to do and see in London, with the added fact that the city is HUGE and it's hard to plan what you can realistically do in one day without spending hours going back and forth across the city...  

With my 3-Day London Itinerary, I make it so easy for you to explore London during your first three full days here, that you'll be amazed when you look back and think about how much you got accomplished in such a short amount of time, without feeling exhausted afterwards. 

How is this different from what I can find online?

Besides saving you hours and hours of your valuable time doing research and planning , there's... 

The Digital Map

This itinerary isn’t just a PDF guide telling you where to go, but also includes a handy Digital Map for your phone, making it incredibly easy to know where you need to go each moment of the three days when you’re out and about in London. I don’t know any other itinerary that offers this.

Local insight

Because I've lived in London for years, I know which major sites are realistically close enough to each other to see in one day. I also know all of the hidden gems to check out nearby the world-famous sites... I give you a local experience tied in with the "London biggies." That, and the little details I’ve included, are nothing like what you’d find anywhere else.


I know everyone has different tastes and needs, so in the 80+ page itinerary, you get alternative options to accommodate for families, food tastes, budget, and desired travel pace.  

The Digital Map also allows you more flexibility, it makes it easy to get back on track if you veer off, with a built-in directions function.

What to expect in the itinerary

Each day, the points of interest will be grouped together so that all sites and suggestions are within walking distance or a short tube or bus ride. Every day you'll see or do:

  • 2-3 major London sites 
  • Multiple, varied recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner/drinks
  • Alternative sites and things to do to accommodate for different tastes, budgets, and your desired travel pace
  • Tips only Londoners would know, like where to find public bathrooms, great photos spots, etc.  

Each 3-Day Itinerary includes:

3-Day London Itinerary

The 80+ page PDF itinerary

Includes all attractions and recommendations, plus insider tips, links to relevant information, opening hours, cost key, and more.

The Digital Map

The map includes all recommendations mentioned in the PDF, plus indicators to help you "stay on track" with the general path of the itinerary. Oh, and I've added pins to show you where public toilets are...

3-Day London Itinerary with Map

Some of the major attractions and areas included: 

Piccadilly Circus Buckingham Palace London Eye National Gallery Borough Market Shoreditch Tower of London Tower Bridge Covent Garden Southbank The Shard Street art Spitalfields Market 

And more… plus suggestions for local favourites for things to do, and where to eat, shop and drink, all of which you can do in between the major stuff. 


About the creator

I'm Jess, the creator behind Love and London, and I help visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime.  

I've lived in London for over four and a half years, and I am always trying new bits and pieces around the city to share with my community.  

As an avid traveler myself, I always strive for the local experience, wherever I go. Forget the long lines and overpriced tickets for the tourist attractions, I want to experience the city's delicacies, the local hangouts, and anything that makes a place unique and special. 

"Because of the three day itinerary, I can finally wrap my head around how we will conquer seeing London for the first time without having to follow a strict time schedule. It's the perfect balance of a great itinerary without feeling overwhelming. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends visiting the UK." - Gina, USA

3-day itinerary for London

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3-Day London Itinerary

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