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3-Day London Itinerary 2022

Explore with ease with a plan by a Londoner

Are you struggling to create a London itinerary that actually makes sense?

Take the guess work out of it with an itinerary created by a Londoner.

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I get it, and you’re not alone if you feel stressed… I hear it from our community all the time. There’s so much choice for things to do and see in London, with the added fact that the city is HUGE and it’s hard to plan what you can realistically do in one day without spending hours going back and forth across the city…

With my 3-Day London Itinerary, I make it so easy for you to explore London during your first three days here, that you’ll be amazed when you look back and think about how much you got accomplished in such a short amount of time, without feeling exhausted afterwards.

Order now and you’ll receive the 2023 version for free.

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  • 2-5 major London sites (you choose only what you want to do)
  • Multiple, varied recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner/drinks, including local pubs and lovely afternoon tea spots.
  • Off-the-beaten-track suggestions, so you can feel like you’re experiencing the city like you live here
  • Tips that only Londoners would know, like where to find nearby public bathrooms, great photos spots, secret bars, the best dishes to order etc.

Itinerary Contents

Take a closer look at the itinerary.

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…and your purchase isn’t just about YOU.

10% of your 2022 Itinerary purchase will be donated to Hackney Food Bank, a food bank in Jess’s local area that helps to tackle food poverty.

And we’re super proud to say that since 2019, itinerary purchases have helped send £4500 to some amazing London charities.

Choose the right option for your trip.

Basic Package


Bonus Package


How’s this different from those “free” internet itineraries?

Besides saving you hours and hours of your valuable time you’d normally spend researching and planning, you get…

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The Digital Map

This itinerary isn’t just a PDF guide telling you where to go, but also includes a handy Digital Map for your phone, making it incredibly easy to know where you need to go each moment of the three days when you’re out and about in London.



The 100+ page itinerary gives you a ton of varied options, and the Digital Map makes it easy to get back on track if you veer off, with its built-in Get Directions function, so you can rest assured you won’t ever get lost or flustered.


Local Insight

Because I’ve lived in London for years, I know which major sites are realistically close enough to each other to see in one day. I also know all of the hidden gems to check out nearby the world-famous sites… I give you a local experience tied in with the London “biggies.”

Brilliant guide!!!
I was in the UK in September visiting family and friends who live in other cities in the UK.
My time in London was going to be brief therefore, I decided to purchase the 3 day London itinerary. I personally prefer walking to explore cities on my own without large tourist crowds. (I have done the usual London tours several times in the past coming way feeling overwhelmed and stressed).
The Love and London guide was the exact walking and public transport combination experience for which I was looking.
I highly recommend the Love and London guides. They are ‘user friendly’ with detailed maps. All the recommendations are places that will give one a more local cultural experience. I was able to use the guide in such a way to incorporate my own places of interest without having to do as much ‘homework’.


The 3-Day London Itinerary is a must have not only for tourists who are visiting London for their first time, but also for more experienced London explorers. I love the digital map which points out all the recommended places in the itinerary. The major attractions around central London are on point in this guide, but I especially fancy the local gems aside the touristy places that are suggested.
Jess and her team are really doing an awesome job of collecting, strucutring and editing key information for London travellers! Give it a shot! 🙂


My wife and I are in the planning stages for our travel to London. I am very excited and happy with the 3-Day London Itinerary 2021 - Bonus Package I purchased. Huge help with hotels, planning our time while we are in London, and reducing any stress or frustration as we plan our trip. Love the product and can't wait to use the Digital map - wow! Thank you so much.


My husband, twin teens, and I just got back from London and I'm so grateful I found you! We loved our experience and that is due to your 3-Day Itinerary. We will be back, and I hope you keep creating itineraries.


Our family of 5 ( including 3 teen girls) recently returned from our trip to London. We used the 3 day itinerary and it was wonderful! It was so nice knowing our schedule for those 3 days before we even traveled. Once in London, the Google Map worked perfectly. It was great to not spend time wandering around lost or trying to decide what to do. We felt like having the itinerary helped us get the most out of our trip. Well worth the money! And having all the rest rooms marked was an added bonus! We also highly recommend the videos on You Tube, we watched them all and found them to be very helpful on our trip.

Mark & Shona

Because of the three day itinerary, I can finally wrap my head around how we will conquer seeing London for the first time without having to follow a strict time schedule. It's the perfect balance of a great itinerary without feeling overwhelming. I will definitely recommend this to all of my friends visiting the UK.


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3-Day Itinerary FAQs

“How is this itinerary different from what’s online or in the bookstore?” 

Well, I’ve never seen any itinerary that includes a digital map for your phone, which allows you to get real-time transportation and walking directions as well as makes it super easy to follow the itinerary. Also, many “itineraries” you can find online are created by people who’ve only visited London, not LIVED here. They aren’t able to provide alternative food options for diet restrictions, public toilets along the route, or more crucially, tips that only someone who has done this route herself for years would know.

“Why do you charge money for this?”  

There are a couple of reasons. It took weeks to create the itinerary, starting with hours of researching and planning the perfect route, to multiple days of on-the-ground testing, to writing the 100+ page guide and creating the map. If I didn’t charge for the itinerary, I simply couldn’t provide it to our community as it takes up so much time to create. I also spend anywhere from £25-200 per week trying out new things around London, some of which is included in the itinerary, some of which is not worthy. Of course, all of those meals, drinks, and tickets cost a lot of money. But by me testing them out and only telling you about the best, you won’t have to waste your time and money too, because only the best of the best goes in my guides.

If I save you from one not-so-good moderately-priced meal, you’ve already paid yourself back for your purchase, never mind the hours and hours of research and planning you won’t have to do yourself.

“How much walking and public transportation is involved each day?”  

The itinerary was made with the intention that users would never need to get on public transportation because the days are laid out in small enough areas. Walking distance will vary greatly by the user, and what you choose to do or not do, but the Digital Map will show you how much walking you might end up doing.

There are some points at which you can hop on a bus or a taxi if you’re tired. I’ve pointed this out in the itinerary, and it’s also easy to figure out on your own via the Digital Map.

“I’m on a serious budget. Will this work for me?”

Yes! Just about all of the attractions included in the itinerary are either free or can be experienced “as a taste” from the outside, therefore there’s no need to buy entrance tickets if that’s not in your budget. I’ve also included budget-friendly food options (they’re the ones marked with a single “£”) or if you don’t want to spend money on food, just bring your own and only follow the sightseeing elements of the itinerary.

“How far in advance should I buy this for my trip?”

Buy it at least a week in advance, if you can. I recommend reading over the PDF before you arrive to London, so you can familiarise yourself with my recommendations, and some attractions and restaurants require advance booking. It also can take up to five business days for the Digital Map to be added to your phone, but usually just takes one business day.

“I have the Casual Tourist Guides. Are they similar?”

The Casual Tourist Guide to Central London has some overlap with Day 2 of the itinerary. Out of our Casual Tourist Guide series, the best additions to the itinerary are West London and North London, both of which don’t cover any similar areas.

What happens if I bought the 2021 itinerary but my trip got postponed to 2022?

No problem! Our 2022 version of the itinerary is now available and we sent out emails to anyone who bought the 2021 guide with the updated one.

If you can’t find the email just get in touch with us and we will sort it out (

“Do I need data on my phone to be able to use the Digital Map on the go in London?”

It absolutely works best when you have it. It will also allow you to get walking directions when needed, or transport directions when you’re planning to head back to your hotel once the day is done. In the guide I’ve included a list of ways to have data on your phone so you can stay connected.

“Can I share the PDF and map with anyone? ” 

One purchase of the itinerary includes the PDF, which can be downloaded up to five times onto your various devices, and one Digital Map. You’re certainly allowed to pass your device to your travel partners, but it can’t be shared beyond that.

If you’d like two different phones to have access to the Digital Map, you’ll both need to purchase the itinerary.

“Does the itinerary tell you how to get to the starting point of each day from my hotel?”

It doesn’t, because everyone who purchases the itinerary will be arriving from different parts of London. But it gives you a concrete starting point, and when you’re at your hotel ready to start your day, just pull up the map, select the starting point, then click “Directions” to see all of your options for getting there. It’s really easy!

“Which phones does the Digital Map work on?” 

It’s integrated with the Google Maps app, so it’s available for all phones that use iOS or Android operating systems.

“Can I print the PDF guide?” 

Please don’t! It was not created to be printed, and works best in its digital format. Please save some trees and don’t print your guide.

“I have a dietary requirement, do your food suggestions suit that?”

London’s food spots are generally pretty good at accommodating for this, and I’ve included a variety of options that should suit just about everyone. Markets are especially good for this, by the way! For a few years now we include icons indicating restaurants that are veggie-friendly, vegan-friendly and GF friendly.

That being said, you should always check the menu online yourself, and you can also phone up a restaurant before you go to ask what they can do for any requirements, as they might have a hidden menu you can choose from, or they can create something special for you if you give enough notice.

I’m personally vegetarian, so if you are too, you’ll find plenty of food options in the itinerary.

“I have a physical disability. Will I be able to do everything in the itinerary?”

Our itinerary has indicators telling you whether or not each recommendation is wheelchair accessible and there are plenty of options for those who need to avoid stairs. You can expect to walk a fairly good amount each day, but how much depends on how you choose to use the itinerary.

“I have really specific things I want to see, will this work for me?”

I’ve created this itinerary to cover what most people who visit London for the first time typically like to see. Of course, I can’t cover everything! If you have really specific or unique tastes, or don’t want to experience any classic London attractions (even just to see them from the outside) then this probably isn’t for you.

“Is this suitable for families with children?”

The cool thing about London is that most things, and well, pretty much everything when it’s daytime, works for families with kids, if your children are fairly well-behaved. That being said, I’ve not specifically made this itinerary with kids under 16 in mind.

Meet the Expert

Love & London Favicon

I ‘m Jess, an American who moved to the UK in 2013 and loves nothing better than finding unique, fun and interesting things to experience in London.

My team and I have helped hundreds of thousands of visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime here in my city, through my Youtube channel Love and London. I know planning a big trip to London can be overwhelming, so I look forward to helping ease that worry.

– Jess

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