A day trip to Brighton

On the Sunday that Sara was visiting, we took her to Brighton, a little city right along the beach and that’s only about an hour’s drive away.

I had never been to Brighton before– Tom and I drove through it after the Brighton football game we went to a few weeks ago, but I’d never set foot in the town. The day we went was unfortunately overcast and a tad cold, but we still had a fabulous day.

By the time we actually made it to Brighton (we had had a bit of a crazy night the evening before) we were all starving, so naturally, we stopped at Nando’s. Need I say more? It was Sara’s first time.

Nando's sauce

Yummy sauce.

Nando's Brighton

Once we were fueled up, we walked to the beach. It’s not much of a beach, in fact, the whole beach area reminds me of Coney Island, with the boardwalk and such. I’ve never actually been to Coney Island but I’ve seen pictures of it, therefore I can make these judgements, right?

Brighton beachside

Brighton pier 2

I’ve never been to a beach in August where people are bundled up in jackets.

Us Brighton Pierarcade sign Brighton

We then took a stroll over to the pier.

Brighton Pier

Bright Pier Sign

Iconic. Historic. Full of homeless people trying to get some spare change off ya.

Playing games Brighton

I’m not a gambler. Every time I go to Atlantic City, I have no desire to even play one slot machine just so I can say I did. And I’m really not into these arcade games either. But when Sara started playing one, it was like I HAD to put a coin in. Then I couldn’t STOP. Those arcade games PLAY WITH YOUR HEAD!

minions brighton pier

As much as I wanted a minion, we didn’t waste our money.

Playing the games on Brighton pier

I’m pretty sure they both said “OH I’M SO GOOD AT THIS GAME” when we walked up to this one…

Brighton pier panoramic

old pier brighton

Anyone think that thing above is a little creepy looking? It’s the old pier that burned down. And they’re leaving it there to… deter people from lighting a cigarette on the new pier, I’m guessing.

View off the pier Brighton

Sara and her rides. Like a little kid she happily paid 8 pounds to go on this slingshot joy ride!

Sara bungee brighton

bungee brighton

I’d show you guys the video but I’m going to pee my pants if I watch it again.

Brighton is known for its lanes, which are narrow, um, lanes where you can find some fantastic shops, restaurants and pubs. They’re fun to just walk through because they’re so cute and colorful.

brighton lanes

street sign lanes brighton

After all of this walking, we had some time to kill before dinner and we had to move the car to avoid paying 20 pounds for parking (yeck) so Tom drove us down to the Brighton Marina. We had some quintessential English seaside views on the way…

drive along brighton

drive to brighton marina

where to eat in brighton, restaurants in brighton

So this was my absolute favorite part of the day. If you know me, you know I love to eat. Like, REALLY love it. And so does Tom. So when I heard from Tom’s dad about a vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, I really wanted to go! I’m not a vegetarian, but I love eating veggies and think it’s the coolest when restaurants get creative and high-class without involving meat. The name of the restaurant is Terre a Terre. Put it on your must-do list NOW!

terre a terre menu

Since we were still a tad full from our lunch, we decided to order a starter sampler called the Terre a Tapas plate. We also didn’t know what half the stuff was that was on the menu, and none of us wanted to get stuck with a dish we didn’t like. We ordered the peeking buns as well, as the server recommended them.

good food in Brighton, Terre a terre in brighton

I wish I could have went into the kitchen, grabbed the chef, rolled him up into a little ball and stuffed him into my pocket to take him home, because every single thing we ate was delicious. Again, even with an explanation of everything on the plate from the waitress, we still didn’t know what a bunch of the foods were, but they tasted so freaking good that we didn’t care.

terre a terre food brighton

I mean.. just LOOK AT IT.

terre a terre starter

Terre a terre restaurant brighton

Good thing we made a reservation.

If you’re anywhere near Brighton, go to Terre a Terre. Tell them I sent you. No, don’t. They may look at you all, “I don’t know who that is”.

What a lovely day it was.


  1. September 20, 2013 / 2:12 pm

    It sound so fun there!! Glad you had a fun weekend! I’m with you on the giant slingshot “ride”. Not for me.. at all.

    • September 23, 2013 / 3:14 pm

      Yes Brighton is great Shannon! Just would have loved to have better weather. 🙂

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