Florence, with a little bit of Christmas

Christmas decorations florence cathedral


One of reasons why I love living in London is that we’re just a super-short flight to anywhere in Europe that our hearts desire to set foot in. It makes for visiting Florence, a former home of mind, so easy and super affordable. It was always a dream of mine to live somewhere where I could just “weekend away in Italy”, so look at me now…

Since Tom has been to Florence with me before, this visit was spent mostly catching up with friends and exploring  a half-decorated pre-Christmas Florence. The weather was mild, which made going for strolls around the city much more enjoyable than if it was as cold as back at home.


Girl with hat, facing Florence Cathedral

kid with camera in florence

Florence cathedral door

florence street photography

Girls at Fountain in Florence

Leather sellers in doorway in Florence Italy


I was pretending to be a street photographer that weekend, the product of having no plans to see anything or do anything specific, besides the Fiat Tour that I surprised Tom with.


With Christmas gifts on our minds, we visited the Mercato Centrale for some ideas. I had heard about a new section of the market that had recently opened and I wanted to see it. We found it, upstairs, and was an incredible foodie experience that I imagine that most tourists would miss due to the fact that they’d walk right past the somewhat-subtle stairs that lead up to it.


Mercato Centrale in Florence Italy

Pizza dough in Mercato Centrale Florence

Food court in Mercato Centrale, Florence

Christmas cakes in Mercato Centrale Florence

Upstairs food court of Mercato Centrale in Florence


We didn’t end up buying any gifts there, but it was a great spot to wander around. If we had been hungry, we would have chosen a dish from the array of vendors offering up their delicacies and enjoyed it alongside the locals with a glass of wine.


Floral statues in Florence

Florence Christmas Ornaments

Florence Christmas Garland


Luckily, after some more wandering and some creative thinking, we popped back to our favorite restaurant to pick up two bottles of the lovliest Rose’ wine that we always enjoy with our meals there. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but it doesn’t hurt if the gift tastes phenomenal too!


Bottles of Conquinarius wine, Florence


You can see the vlog from our trip on my Youtube channel, or watch it below. I’ve also written about the vintage Fiat tour that we did, take a look for some photos of Tuscany and of Tom driving the teeniest little car!




  1. February 16, 2015 / 10:26 am

    Ah, Florence! So pretty – and at Christmas it looks even more magical!!

    • February 17, 2015 / 11:25 am

      I totally agree.

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