Clever Gift Ideas for People Visiting London Soon

If you need to get a gift for someone who's visiting London soon, these gifts are a great idea for them, whether for the holiday season or for a birthday.

If you know someone who’s visiting London in the near future, getting them a gift that they’ll be able to use while on their trip to London is a GREAT idea– they’ll love it! Or, if you’re visiting London soon, pass this London gift guide onto your friends and family so they get some great ideas for what to get you for the holidays or your birthday.

Afternoon tea at @ampersandhotel … Pretty as can be.

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1. Afternoon tea experience in London

First up, you can’t visit London without going to Afternoon tea, but they can sometimes run a bit pricy, so buying them an afternoon tea experience will usually be really well received.
You can find discounted deals on and Virgin Experience Days, or you can buy them a voucher for the Ritz London, which has a world-famous afternoon tea (by the way, voucher is just another word for gift card here in the UK.)

*Tip – when buying from sites like Virgin Experience Days and, be sure to check all of the fine print to see when the vouchers can be redeemed. You don’t want to get them a voucher that they can’t use because of the usage restrictions!

2. Lunch or Dinner Experience in London

Along the same lines, you can also treat them to a lunch or dinner experience while they’re visiting London. You can organise this a few different ways– again, you can find some offers and packages on Virgin Experience Days and Also, you can buy a gift voucher directly from the restaurant if you have one in mind already, just check their site to see if you can get a printable one, or shoot them an email to inquire about it. Finally, you can give your recipient an OpenTable gift voucher, which can be used at a selection of restaurants around London, letting them choose for themselves where they want to go!


Gift Guide for Visitors to London - great gift ideas for anyone who's traveling to London soon. They'll love getting one of these gifts to use on their trip in London!


3. Travel-sized Umbrella

For a smaller gift, a travel-sized umbrella could be a great option. It’s a pain to have to lug a huge umbrella around while exploring London, so a travel size one will be easy to carry but also ready for those unexpected showers.

4. The London Pass

If you’re getting a gift for someone who plans to do lots of sightseeing while in London then the London Pass could be a great gift for them. The pass gives the recipient free access to tons of sites around the city, along with other perks. Watch my video breaking down the pros and cons of the London Pass, so you can decide if that would be a good gift for them.

5. Hop On Hop Off Tour Tickets

Similarly, a ticket for a Hop On Hop Off bus tour could be great too– they aren’t terribly expensive and are great for people who might not want to go inside lots of attractions, but would love to go by them as they comfortably sit at the top of a double decker bus. I’ve got a video all about these tours in London, including info about the company I recommend— have a watch before you decide!

Need an idea for a gift for someone going to London? These are great London-themed gift ideas that they can use while on their trip to London!

6. A Classic Trench Coat

Depending on when your recipient will be visiting London, they might really love a classic trench coat to wear– they’ll likely see lots of Londoners wearing them around the city, including me 🙂 They’re really popular for women but versions for guys are often worn too. Here are some great options:

Trench coats for women:

Red leather trench
Tall black trench
ASOS Brand classic trench
Jack Wills Classic Trench

Trench coats for men:

Brown belted trench
Smart light grey trench
Wool camel trench (nice and warm)
Rain-resistant in stone trench
If you need to get a gift for someone going to London, these are great gifts they can use while on their trip to London

7. Eating London Food Tour voucher

If your recipient loves to eat and discover cuisines while traveling, then consider getting a voucher for the Eating London Food Tour. My husband and I went on this tour a few years ago and loved it– it’s worth the money and was super interesting, even for the locals that were in my tour group. It has GREAT reviews on on TripAdvisor, read them all here before you decide to purchase.

I think you’ll also like my round up of the best London-themed gifts on Etsy. Even if they aren’t going to London anytime soon, any London lover would love to get one of these gifts!


  1. January 30, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    I can’t find the free 101 London guide anywhere.

  2. Kelly FIsher
    June 10, 2017 / 11:10 pm

    Hey, I couldn’t find your email, but I had a few questions! I will be studying abroad in London for Fall of 2017. I’m going to be living in a dorm in the Kensington area. I am super into fitness and working out. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to gym/yoga/cycling place in that area? Also, what are your recommendations for healthy places to eat that aren’t too pricey? I love your channel, I am coming from the US and it has a lot of helpful info!

    • June 28, 2017 / 9:29 am

      Hi Kelly! Don’t worry about the gym/health stuff until you get here, you will be able to figure it out based on your own preferences 🙂

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