London Trip Planning Consultation

Feeling stressed about your London trip?

Let a local Londoner fix that.

Planning an international trip to London is a nightmare, especially if you've neven been before. How are you supposed to figure out: 

  • How to get from one attraction to another, realistically
  • Which food spots are the best near the things you want to do
  • How to best schedule your days to spend less time on transportation and more time having fun
  • The small things, like where to get groceries

And that's just a small selection of questions that have probably been running through your mind. 


I can:

  • Reduce planning overwhelm by answering all of your burning questions that you can't find (accurate) answers to on Google
  • Help you avoid logistical problems, disappointment and wasted money
  •  Give you local recommendations that you won't find on TripAdvisor
  • Save you hours and hours of planning and research time


I’m an American who moved to the UK over four years ago and loves nothing better than finding unique, fun and interesting things to experience in London.  

Over the last two years, via my Youtube channel, email newsletter and social media channels, I’ve helped tens of thousands of visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime here in my city, but many of them have requested one-on-one help and were feeling overwhelmed when planning.

I'm so happy to help and share my years of experience as a local Londoner.  

What past customers have said...

"I consider myself really adept at travel planning but the thought of trying to coordinate everything for a different country was very daunting and overwhelming. I scoured the internet, met with an actual travel agent, and looked into different package deals but nothing gave me a level of comfort that it was right for me and my personal wants and needs. Jess's consultation helped me because I was speaking with someone who lives in London, works in London and LOVES London. She has been to the places I wanted to go to and could tell me what the reality of getting there, being there, seeing things and all that goes with it. She listened to my requirements and wish list and it made me feel like I had a friend in England who was able to take everything I said and make sense in the form of a daily itinerary.  

I left our consultation call feeling that Jess cared about me, my traveling companions and their specific needs, and that she wanted to ensure we had a amazing trip. When I received the actual itinerary I could not have been more pleased! It was easy to read and follow, with all the needed links of where exactly to go and find things. It included special areas I never would have known about and it was very easy to adjust when I wanted to make a change myself. The entire experience was fantastic and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  

I'm confident that we're going to have the trip of a lifetime and that's due to the personal and professional service Jess was able to provide." - Penny H, USA

I'm here to help.


Save time and skip hours of Googling and researching. Send me ten questions you have about your trip to London and I'll give you detailed answers that tap into my local knowledge.

You can ask just about anything, with some examples being:

How do I get from the airport to my hotel? What are the best restaurants in London for vegans traveling with non-vegans? What do you recommend to do with my teenage kids in the evenings? How do I get to Oxford for a day trip from London? Which attractions are best to take my toddler to? Which restaurants will accommodate my family of six?  

Click the button below to purchase your email consultation session. Once you make your purchase, I'll get in touch via email to get your questions from you. 

*Due to a few factors, at the moment, those who book now will get answers back around 7th April. If you need them before that date, please don't book a consultation. Sorry for the inconvenience!


We'll hop on Skype for sixty minutes, and after getting to know you and your travel style, we'll talk through your questions and worries about your London trip in much more detail than the email consultation.

You can ask me logistical questions, get help with certain problems, and request specific recommendations for sights, restaurants, hotels, etc that will be best for your own budget, tastes, and travel style. No question is silly... if you ask it, I will find the answer for you if I don't already know it. There is also no limit to how many questions you ask.

After our call, you'll recieve a custom PDF guide with a summary of your questions with detailed answers, plus extra links and relevant information.  

Purchase your consultation by clicking below, and you'll be sent a link to schedule our call.

*Due to a few factors, if you book your consultation now, the earliest booking for a Skype call is the week of 7th of April, and it can then take up to two weeks to get your custom guide back. Sorry for any inconvenience!



If you're overwhelmed when planning your days out in London, then let me build your itinerary for you.  

You'll send me what you've already planned, then we'll hop on Skype to talk through your wishlist, requirements, and special requests.  

I'll then create your customised, detailed itinerary according to your wishes and needs, delivered in a PDF guide as well as a completely custom digital map for your phone that you'll follow while you're on the go in London.

Click the button below to purchase your itinerary. After your purchase is made, you'll be sent a link to schedule our Skype call.

*Due to a few factors, if you book your itinerary consultation now, the earliest booking for the Skype call is the week of 7th of April, and it can then take up to two weeks to get your itinerary back. Sorry for any inconvenience!


"Why do I have to pay to ask you questions?"  

I always try to answer questions on my videos and social media as much as I can, but there's not enough time in the day to help people with questions that are specific to their situation. The fee covers my years of hands-on local experience that you can't find via a Google search, plus the time it takes me to do additional research to answer your questions.

"Can I ask more than ten questions in the email consultation?"

I recommend booking a London Trip Planning Consultation if you have more than 10 questions.

"What if I have follow up questions after reading your answers for my email consultation?"

Of course, if you're confused on something, I'd be happy to clarify what I've written. If you would like additional information, book another email consultation, or you can book a Trip Planning Consultation at a discounted rate of £99.

"What kind of questions can I ask in the consultations?"

Anything about London. I can also answer transportation and logistical questions about getting to other parts of the UK or Europe, although I'm not able to help with specific questions about other destinations at this time. No question is off limits... I won't be able to answer everything for you on the call for the Trip Planning Consultation, but I always know how to find the answer for you, which is why I send you the follow-up documents.

"Can I send you my intinerary that I've planned so far?"

Yes, you can do that for both the Trip Planning Consultation and the Itinerary service. For planning consultations, if you'd like to just talk through the details of your itinerary and ask questions about it, you can send it to me beforehand. If you'd like for me to build an itinerary for you via my intinerary building service, sending through your itinerary that you've created so far helps me to understand your wishes and needs even better. 

"What do I get after our call?"

For the planning consultations, you'll get a PDF of the questions you asked, a summary of each answer, plus links to additional information and recommendations that I think you'll like. 

For the itinerary building service, you'll get a custom PDF that will outline your flexible itinerary in detail, plus you'll also get a custom digital map of your itinerary that you can add to your phone.

"Do you guarantee correct opening times, ticket availability, reservation availabilty, etc. for your recommendations?"

I try my best to make sure that my recommendations coincide with things like opening times, however you should check all details before finalising your plans. 

"How far in advance should I book?"

I recommend booking your consultation at least one month before your trip. Intineraries take at minimum two weeks to finalise, so the earlier you book, the better.

"I have a question before I book one of your services. What should I do?"

No problem! Just fill out the form below.

Fill out this form to send me a question about my services.

You'll typically get a response within 2 business days, however responses are slower in March due to a number of factors. Thanks for you patience!