Lovely views from pretty villages in Provence

Yeah… check out that view.

Tom and I are lucky to have family in quite a few places around the world, not just London and New York. Tom’s aunt and uncle, Debbie and Peter, have a lovely house in Provence, not terribly far from Avignon. The picture below is the view you see from their patio, and Tom biked to the top of that mountain in the distance… because he’s infinite times better than me at life. 

white flower

What bothers me most about the weather in England is that it’s rarely “pool weather”. It’s not often where I say to myself ‘wow… it’s so warm, I’d love to take a dip’. I love that feeling.

So when we hopped off the plane at Provence airport, the blast of heat that hit me was so, SO welcome.

by the pool

This is me, mere minutes after first arriving to the house. Already wet, as you can see, and beckoning the sun…

Debbie and Peter’s house is a great summer house– you literally don’t need anything but the sun, the view, and the pool. And it’s quite classically a French countryside house.

tom by the pool

Our days were a nice mix of relaxing pool time along with a teeny bit of exploring, but never enough to bore or wear us out. We made a brief visit to a village called Gigondas, which wine lovers have probably heard of before.

pink flower


As you can tell, it was a great spot to test out my new camera. Because we didn’t plan on staying long (the heat was just too much) we climbed up to the church with a view.

Gigondas church

Gigondas views


Gigondas church

top of gigondas

Gigondas church

Soon, it was back to the pool, and back for some dinner too.  Hellooooooo gorgeous sunset…

There will be another Provence photo diary coming up next week, and my first vlog from the trip went live last week — watch it over on my Youtube channel.


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  1. ElsbyCC
    August 6, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    Looks gorgeous!

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