7 Must-Do Things in London free course

There are 5,150 "Things to Do" in London on Tripadvisor.

How do you know what's worthy of your time and money?

It's free!

7 Things You MUST Do When Visiting London E-Course 

I get it. You're only in London for a few days, perhaps for the only time in your life, so how on earth are you supposed to figure out which of the THOUSANDS of things there are to do, are what YOU should do?

My free e-course will do just that. You'll find out what you MUST do while in London, so you can experience London more like a local and less like a tourist.

This isn't like some lame blog post you can find online, written by someone who visited London for a week and thinks they know the city well. I've lived here for years, experiencing the best of the city, on my own dime.

Experience London like a local.

My 7-day email course will help you discover:

British traditions

Experiencing London properly isn't about visiting the major tourist attractions. 

It's about doing what the locals do, experience their lives and traditions.

Local spots

It's totally ok if you want to see the tourist attractions, but you won't get those in this course. 

Only hidden gems that locals would ACTUALLY do, so you can almost become one.

London's character

I'll help you get away from the boring chain restaurants and tourist traps, so you can find the experiences that make London what it is. 

Watch the video to learn more about what you'll get from the course.


About the creator

I'm Jess, the creator behind Love and London, and we help visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime.

I've lived in London for over four years, and I am always trying new bits and pieces around the city to pass along to my community.

As an avid traveler myself, I always strive for the local experience, wherever I go. Forget the long lines and overpriced tickets for the tourist attractions, I want to experience the city's delicacies, the local hangouts, and anything that makes a place unique and special.

7 Things You MUST Do When Visiting London E-Course