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FAQs from London Visitors

If you have a question about London, I’ve probably covered it here.

How to save our guides to your phone/laptop

To most easily access your Love and London guides and to make sure you can always reference them into the future, you’ll need to download your files to one or more of your devices. It’s fairly straightforward but if you are not sure how to do that then follow these steps. Get in touch with us if you need us to reset your download attempts as each guide can be downloaded five times by default.

Recommendations for Your London Trip

“What do you recommend to do while we’re in London?”

My 3-Day London Itinerary is a great start for anyone visiting for the first time. There is also of course tons of info on my website and Youtube channel. Finally, if you’d like bespoke recommendations based on your interests and situation, please book a London Trip Planning Call.

“What are your recommendations for where to eat in London?”

Because there are thousands of restaurants in London, and everyone’s situation and tastes are different, I’ve put all of my top local-approved food recommendations in my 3-Day London Itinerary.

“Do you know of someone who can take some nice photos of me in London?”

Sure do. Check out my London Photo Sessions.

“Do you recommend a day trip to [city]?”

My personal opinion is that there’s so much to do in London (especially if you get off the tourist trail) that you don’t need to do a day trip. If you really want to, go for it, but I’d recommend skipping the tours that take you to a million places in one day and instead just choose one spot and take the train there on your own.

This article gives you some recommendations for where to day trip outside of London.

“Which West End shows do you recommend?”

I personally love the Lion King, Five Guys Named Moe, Billy Elliot (no longer on), and my favourite is The Book of Mormon.

“Where should I go shopping in London?”

Here’s a list of some of the city’s most famous shopping areas.

“What is there to do in London in the winter?”

Watch my Winter in London playlist.

“What London tours do you recommend?”

I’m very picky when it comes to recommending tours to you. Here’s my list of my favourite tours that I think you’ll like and find are good value.

“Can I hire you as a tour guide?”

I’m afraid not, but the closest thing to it is to get my Bermondsey game on the Questo app, which is like a fun self-guided walking tour. You can also check this page for upcoming Love and London events and experiences.

“If I send you my itinerary, can you look at it and give me some feedback?”

I’m afraid there aren’t enough hours in the day, that’s why I made my 3-Day London Itinerary. Alternatively you can schedule a London Trip Planning Call and I will talk through your plan with you.

“Which afternoon teas do you recommend?”

Here’s a list of unique and quirky afternoon teas around London. To see which ones have the Love and London seal of approval, reference the 3-Day London Itinerary.

And watch this video to see some of the most luxurious afternoon teas compared.

“Can you tell me which special events will be happening when I’m visiting?”

This video playlist has a list of videos covering special events for each month of the year.

Planning and Logistics

“What’s the weather going to be like when I’m in London?”

While I appreciate you thinking I’m powerful enough to predict weather, I cannot, especially the varying British weather.

Watch this video about how to figure out the weather for your visit.

“What should I pack for my trip to London?

Here’s my video about what to pack when visiting London.

Here’s what you shouldn’t FORGET to pack.

“What’s the tipping etiquette in London?”

I cover that in this video.

“What’s the best way to get pounds (£) for my trip?”

This video tells you everything you need to know about getting cash and spending your money in London.

Living in London

“Do you have tips for living in/moving to London?”

I have tons of videos that are either full of advice or that show my own personal experience of living in London.

My Living in London playlist on YouTube covers almost all of my “Living in London” content.

“How are you able to live and work in the UK? What are the immigration laws like? How can I get a job there?”

I can’t help with immigration questions. You’ll need to speak to a lawyer for help.

London with Kids

Love and London’s content is created for adults, but I have some resources for families.

If you’ve got young kids, this video with a London mum will give you some good tips.

London is very kid friendly, so don’t feel like you can’t do anything (especially during the day) because you’ve got kids of any age. You know your kids best so you’ll have to take my various recommendations across my channels and paid guides and use your parental instinct as to what they’ll enjoy the most 🙂

I’ve also put together a “London with Kids” Pinterest board that should help too.

Getting Around London

“I’m confused about how to use public transport in London. What should I do?”

I know it can be daunting if you’re not used to public transport. That’s why I made a very thorough course on BrightTrip called “London Transportation, Explained“. You can get that and any course on the platform for 10% off with my promo code “5ZHOU”.

17 Important Things to Do Before Moving to London - check Jess's course with BrightTrip

You can also have a watch of my “Getting around London” video playlist.

Accommodation/Where to Stay in London

“Which area do you recommend that I stay in in London?”

If you would like me to give you specific area and hotel recommendations based on your needs, please book a London Trip Planning Call.

Alternatively, here are my free resources…

Great Areas to Stay in London Near the Attractions

Great Areas to Stay in London for Local Vibes

8 Stylish Hotels in London for Under £150/Night

Which Airbnbs do you recommend in London?

I don’t recommend Airbnb in London. Here’s why.

These 18 apart-hotels are a much better alternative to Airbnb.

“Is [area] safe to stay in?”

I don’t comment on safety because it means something different for everyone. However the areas I’ve recommended in my articles and videos most tourists will feel comfortable in.

“Do you have any tips for getting deals on accommodation?”

Book early!