Have you booked a London Photo Session with one of our photographers? Here are some things you can do before your session to ensure you have an easy and fun shoot.

Bring extras for variation

As you’ll have seen in your London Photo Session Guide, especially if you’re a solo traveler, we recommend bringing a couple of extra items that will give your photo some variation, especially if you’re doing our Pick Two Mega Shoot.

An extra jacket to swap with the one you have on is what many of our past clients have brought, and hats are popular additions too. If you find yourself with some rain or clouds, bringing along a colourful umbrella is another great option.

We can’t guarantee there will be a location for you to do a full outfit change but we’ve also had clients do complete outfit changes during our longer sessions.

London vacation photography session

Prepare for the weather

The day before your shoot, have a look at the forecast for your shoot time. Keep in mind the temperature, precipitation, and amount of sun when choosing what to wear and bring along to the session. It will be completely outside, so you’ll want to make sure you’re bundled up for the cold, or lightly dressed if it’s quite hot. Perhaps you’ll need sunglasses if you are lucky and get a nice sunny day in London!

As mentioned above, if there’s a chance of rain, be sure to also bring along an umbrella. It can actually add a nice element to your photos.

Have an idea of the vibe you want

If you have an idea of what kind of photos you’d like, do let your photographer know. They can certainly help capture it. For example, if you have a quirky personality, your photographer can suggest some sillier poses, or if you want honeymoon vibes with your partner, then he or she can capture more intimate and serious moments between the two of you.

Prep for a London vacation photography shoot

Practice with the kids

If you’re doing a family shoot and your kids are young, consider practicing some posing with them the night before your shoot. They’ll get the hang of it before the shoot starts, which helps make it easier for the photographer and also will reduce the amount of time it will take to complete the session.


If you’ve never done a photo shoot before, don’t worry– the majority of our 90+ clients hadn’t either before their session. Heck, I’ve done a few myself and still get quite uncomfortable– what the heck am I supposed to do with my hands?! 😉

Our photographers are very used to shooting with newbies, and know how to make you comfortable, have fun and also suggest poses that will make for beautiful photos.

I also am not opposed to you having a “cheeky pint” before your shoot starts to help you chill out 😉

London Photo Session during vacation

Arrive early

In your London Photo Session Guide you’ll have been given your meeting point, where you’ll meet your photographer to begin your shoot. Arriving early means that you won’t be stressed out from tube delays, getting lost, etc. and in case there’s a problem, you and your photographer have plenty of time to connect and find each other. Don’t forget to have a working phone so you can call each other if needed.

If you’re reading this and haven’t booked a London Photo Session yet, head to our info page to find out how you can get yourself life-long souvenirs to commemorate your London trip.

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