Brands and services I recommend

These are the services and such that I recommend for visitors to London, what I personally use myself or think are important for visitors to have. Some of the businesses mentioned here are preferred Love and London partners, meaning we work together to support each other. By clicking and purchasing via some of the links below, you’ll contribute a very small bit to the Love and London community and help keep it running, at absolutely no cost to you.

International airlines that go to London

Every country will have different availability when it comes to choosing an airline to get you to London. I personally am loyal to British Airways, who often codeshare with American Airlines and I am usually happy with them too. Recently, they’ve had some amazing deals on Premier Economy class seats, so keep an eye out for those.

Norwegian has low-cost flights to London from many cities around the world now. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with them. If there’s a significant price difference between a Norwegian ticket and say, British Airways, go with Norwegian, but I personally choose to pay a bit more to go with BA or Virgin Atlantic, because low-cost flights can often come with delays, cancellations, etc. You get what you pay for.

Airport transfers

I personally use Uber because I often travel on my own and I like that I can do Uber Pool, which saves some money and is better for the environment.

Download the Uber app before you leave home, and use promo code Jessd418 to get a discount on your first UK ride. Only use Uber to get to your hotel from the airport if you’ll have cell phone signal (calls and data), don’t rely on the airport wifi.

If you won’t have cell service when you land in the UK, you can pre-book a taxi via Blacklane. I’ve used them myself and the service was good, better than Uber.

And of course, you can just hop in a standard black taxi.

Accommodation in London

I personally use Airbnb, or I book hotels directly when I travel. In this article I cover other sites you can use to book apartments in London.

Get up to $33 off your first Airbnb booking

Get 10% back on your booking

SIMs in London

In my experience, you can’t go too wrong with buying a SIM in London because no networks are particularly amazing here. You can pick them up at the airport, at most convenience stores and supermarkets, or order one from Giff Gaff ahead of time, they can send it overseas.

Travel Money Card

If your credit and debit cards have excess international transaction fees, consider getting a travel money card. Have a look at Travelex‘s, as it’s a good option and is pre-paid.

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