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My 6-Day London Itinerary will save you days of researching and planning your own itinerary and help you visit London like a local.

But is it right for you?

That’s what you’ll find out in this short article. We’ll cover:

  • What is the 6-Day London Itinerary?
  • What’s included in the 6-Day London Itinerary?
  • The cost of the 6-Day London Itinerary (and the return on investment)
  • Who the 6-Day London Itinerary is for
  • Common concerns about 6-Day London Itinerary

What is the 6-Day London Itinerary?

The 6-Day London Itinerary is a six-day flexible plan for exploring London, without the massive amount of time you’d have to spend making this plan yourself. Each day has its own route, taking you around London to see some of the major sites but also tons of locally loved gems so you can experience the REAL London.

Along each route there are plenty of options for things to do and see and places to eat and drink that are Love and London-approved. There’s a good range of things that work for different budgets, travel styles and tastes, so you’re not stuck to one finite route, like you would get from one of those free itineraries you’d find online.

What’s included in the 6-Day London Itinerary?

6 days of routes and things to do along them

Your PDF guide includes a curated but sizable list of recommendations for each day so you can choose what you want to do based on your budget, interests and travel style.

For each place we recommend, we also give you insider knowledge, cost indicators, opening hours, website links, and symbols to let you know if it’s wheelchair accessible and veggie, vegan or gluten-free friendly.

Digital Map

Your map, loaded into the Google Maps app, will help you easily navigate the routes while you’re on the ground in London and to get walking and public transport directions, no matter where you go.

London Pass Guide

We give you a guide that tells you how you can use the itinerary combined with a London Pass to save you up to £148 PER ADULT! With those savings, you’ve more than covered the cost of the itinerary.

Printable checklists to keep track of your plan

Each day comes with its own printable checklist, which you can either use to keep track of which places you want to visit along the route, or to check off the things you do throughout the day.

What’s the cost of the 6-Day London Itinerary?

The 6-Day London Itinerary starts at £125 for the basic package (with the option to buy in USD, CAD and EUR).

Who is the 6-Day London Itinerary for?

The 6-Day London Itinerary is great for couples, solo travellers and small groups who don’t want to spend a TON of time trying to fill six whole days with London activities, plus find great, local food and drink options nearby.

London is absolutely massive so the logistics of figuring it all out is actually a nightmare, so that’s why we have made our itineraries.

The itinerary isn’t particularly great for anyone with small children as we have not built in anything that’s specifically for kids under 15.

If you are in London for less than six days, grab our 3-Day London Itinerary instead.

Common concerns about the 6-Day London Itinerary

You may be wondering if the 6-Day London Itinerary is right for you because of its price tag.

This is understandable. However, how much would you pay for someone who’s a London pro to save you days of researching, planning, and trying to guess how it will all come together in a city you’ve never been to?

Imagine 90% of the work being done for you, as that’s what you’ll get with the 6-Day London Itinerary.

Or maybe you’re concerned about the 6-Day London Itinerary not covering the things you want to do.

Because it’s pre-made, it will never cover everything that EVERYONE who buys it wants to do, but with the Digital Map, you can easily figure out how to fit in some extras on one of the days.

It could be that you’re concerned about special dietary or access needs.

Well, each place we recommend has an indicator telling you the cost range, if it’s wheelchair accessible, and whether the food on the menu is veggie, vegan or gluten-free friendly.

If you’re excited about having the trip of a lifetime in London without the hours and hours you’d usually have to spend researching and planning, click here to order in the 6-Day London Itinerary.

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Jessica Dante

Jess is the founder of Love and London, an online travel guide that helps London tourists to visit London like they live there. She's been featured in Refinery29, Forbes, BBC Radio 2, HuffPost, and more. Jess is also a sustainable and ethical travel advocate.