How to Plan Your First Trip to Europe

How to Plan Your First Trip to Europe

So many of you showed love for my 8 Mistakes Not to Make While Planning a Eurotrip video that I just couldn’t push this off any longer…

Starting this week, I’ve got a new series starting over on the Youtube channel that’s all about helping you plan your perfect trip to Europe!

I’ve got tons of experience when it comes to planning trips in Europe, so I’m sharing this knowledge with you guys, since I know so many of you are planning crazy-good vacations not only to London but all over Europe.

We’re kicking off the series with the basics– “How to Plan Your First Trip to Europe”. In this video I’m breaking it down to help you figure out what the perfect Eurotrip looks like for you– where you should go, who you should travel with, what kind of trip this should be for you to get the most out of it, and more.

Click the image above to watch the first video of my Eurotrip Planning series, and then SUBSCRIBE to my channel so you know exactly when the next video in the series is live. Go on, do it!

ANDDDDD…. I have a free Europe Trip Planning E-book to help you plan the perfect trip to Europe. It even includes a printable worksheet to help you flush out the details and  choose the perfect travel partner. Click below to get it free.

Get planning!

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Learn how to create your perfect trip to Europe, including how to vet your travel buddies, where you should plan to travel to while in Europe, and more. Includes a free Europe Trip Planner E-book and guide.


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