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Photographs are the best souvenirs from a trip, but they’re much more difficult to make happen than you plan for.  

What usually happens to me (can you relate?) :

  • I never get a photo of my entire travel group, because someone always has to be the “photographer”, usually me
  • I worry that if I ask someone to take a photo for us, they’ll run off with my phone or camera, along with all of the photos I’ve taken on my trip so far
  • The photos never come out as good as I'd like, due to limited photography knowledge of my travel companions... or the stranger who took a photo for us that chopped our heads off! (I mean how does that even happen?!)
  • As I'm in a new place, I have no idea where the secret spots are to get photos that aren’t filled with crowds of people and other ugly bits 
  • We end up getting boring photos that are dark, blurry and don’t reflect the incredible time we had on our trip  

I always wish I had a photographer to follow us around for a bit, to get beautiful photos of us in a stress-free, fun environment. I know I’ll look at these photos for years to come, so I want them to look great!  

That’s why I created London Photo Sessions for the Love and London community.  

Photographer for tourists in London - get your photos taken while on vacation in london

What’s a London Photo Session?  

The resident Love and London photographer/Instagrammer Charles will meet with you for a fun, relaxed photography session.  

He’ll snap some natural-looking photos of you with some of London’s most iconic sights in the background.  

After your session, Charles will edit the best photos from your shoot and send them to you in a digital file within two weeks. You can then share them with family and friends, on social media, or print them to put in your home.  


Why book a London Photo Session?  

Charles is not only a knowledgeable and talented photographer, he is also a Londoner that knows the secret spots to get great photos of you and your travel companions. He knows how to avoid the crowds, construction, and poor weather that often turn visitors’ decent photos into bad ones.  

Instead of worrying about asking strangers to take your photo and stressing about making sure you get a few great photos of your whole travel group, Charles will do it all for you. He’ll make it easy, fun and quick, and the results will be beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  

About the photographer  

Charles Carter, the photographer behind the Instagram account @wandergasm, has been photographing while on his travels for years. He specialises in portrait and lifestyle photography.

Charles is my go-to guy whenever I need photos done, as he helps me feel relaxed while also capturing incredible moments. 

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60 Minutes

30 photos

1-2 nearby locations


90 Minutes

45 photos

Multiple nearby locations


120 Minutes

60 photos

Multiple nearby locations


Couples photography in London
Family photos while visiting London
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"Can I book a photo session if I’m a solo traveler?"

Yes! In fact, most of our clients have been solo travelers... I can definitely appreciate being on my own while traveling and wanting to get nice photos of myself but having no one that I trusted to help.  

"How about for families-- is this made for us?"  

Sure is! It’s so hard to get good photos with everyone while you’re traveling. Charles will get some great shots of the entire family, and ensure that everyone looks great, that there are no closed eyes, other people in the background, etc.  

"Can I give this to someone as a gift?"  

Yes-- in fact, it’s a lovely idea for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift! Just fill out the enquiry form below and let us know this is for a gift, and we’ll arrange it from there.

"Do I need to bring anything for the photo session? "

If you’d like to include anything in your photos, bring that along. We also recommend dressing for the weather, including bringing rain-proof gear and an umbrella if showers are expected. Some clients like to bring a change of jackets, a hat, or something to add to their photos for some variation, but that's up to you. Otherwise, just bring your smiles! :)  

"What happens if the weather isn’t good?"

That’s London for ya! In just about all cases, we’ll go ahead with the shoot. Charles knows what to do when that happens and can still get photos that you’ll love. A few adjustments will be made on the day. In the case of severely inclement weather (like a hurricane, which is very rare!) we’ll communicate with you to rearrange your shoot.  

"What happens after the photo session?"

Charles will edit the best photos from the session, and within 14 days, he’ll send you a digital folder of your photos in .jpg format. How many you get will depend on which package you choose.  

"What if I don’t like the photos?"  

Charles is great when it comes to dealing with the elements in London, whether that be weather, crowds, construction, etc. He’ll do his absolute best to take photos that you’ll absolutely love. In most instances, the fee is non-refundable, but please get in touch if you’re not satisfied and we’d be happy to discuss.  

If you’d like for Charles to make some changes to your final photos once he’s sent them to you, he can do so for an additional fee. Again, just get in touch via the enquiry form and we’ll be happy to discuss.  

"Can I choose the location of the shots? "

You sure can. Just let us know where in London you’d like to have your session. Keep in mind that if tickets must be purchased to get into the location (for example, to get on the London Eye), the price Charles’s and your family’s tickets will be added onto your invoice, or you can take care of that yourself.  

"Is there a limit to how many people can be involved in the photo shoot?"

Nope, but the more people that Charles is taking photos of, the longer it will take. So we recommend booking at minimum a 90-minute session for three to five people, and at minimum a 120-minute session for six to eight people. If you have more than eight people in your party, just let us know via the enquiry form below and we’ll create a custom package for you.  

"Can I cancel my session if needed?"

Of course. We know that things come up when it comes to travel. Your payment is fully refundable when canceled at least 14 days before your scheduled shoot date, 75% refundable when canceled within 7-13 days of your shoot date, and 50% refundable (therefore your deposit won't be returned) when canceled 72 hours-6 days before your shoot date. Cancelations within 72 hours of the shoot date are non-refundable.

"Do I need to pay in full to reserve my session date?"

Good news, you now only need to pay a 50% deposit to reserve your date and time! The final 50% will be charged to your card 72 hours before your shoot date (don't worry, I'll send you a reminder before that happens.)

"How far in advance can I schedule my shoot?"

We accept bookings three months in advance.  

"I don't see any appointments available for the time that I'm in London. Can I not book a session?"  

If it's less than three months until your desired shoot date, then Charles is already booked up for that day. If you get in contact via the booking form at the bottom of this page, I likely can arrange for another one of my trusted photographers to do your shoot.

London Photographer for solo travelers

"Everything went so smoothly and Charles made the whole thing very comfortable. I'm usually pretty stiff in front of a camera when someone I don't know is behind it. And of course he took amazing shots! I love them. And Jess's communication was spot on - very personable and prompt!" - Marsha, California

How to book your photo session

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