8 Great Areas to Stay in While Visiting London

Where should you stay while visiting London?

Well, the first thing to know is that there are LOTS of great areas to stay in while in London, so while this is a list of my top recommendations, just because an area isn’t on it doesn’t mean it’s not a safe or interesting area of London to stay in.

*By the way, if you want hotel, hostel or Airbnb recommendations for each of these areas, read to the end of the post for a freebie.

The best areas to stay in while in London. Safe and interesting neighborhoods in London that you'll love staying in. Book your hotel, Airbnb or hostel in these London areas.

1. Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden. There’s plenty to do around the area, it’s a great jumping-off point for most parts of London, and you’ll be in the middle of it all, so it’s not for people who want a very quiet area. Great food, great shopping, and close to the sights, there’s lots to do around Covent Garden.

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When you’re in a rush to get somewhere and realise you’ve just walked past an incredibly detailed piece of art…

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2. Shoreditch

This area is quirky and interesting, and is great for those in your 20’s-30’s who want a “less touristy” experience. It’s famous for its street art, and there’s an interesting food and drink scene. While in Shoreditch, one second you may see a hipster walking past you with no shoes on, and the next you’ll have come across a brand new piece of art by a world-famous street artist.

If you want to party, Shoredtich is probably the best place to stay out of all of the areas in this list.


Posh Kensington, shared by @beingviolet. The area isn’t just good looking, but has quite a few (free) museums nearby too.

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3. Kensington & Chelsea

If you want to be among the posh, the Kensington and Chelsea area is a good choice . The houses are breathtaking, and you’re more likely to spot a celebrity here, although a lot of them will be English and you may not know even exist! There’s lots of high-end shopping here and some great restaurants that vary in price from mid-range to super luxe. You’ll be close to beautiful museums like the V&A, the Saatchi Gallery and the National History Museum, so don’t forget to visit.


4. King’s Cross

King’s Cross a great place to stay if you’ll be using the Eurostar or flying into Luton airport. It’s also incredibly well connected to the rest of London and other parts of England. In King’s Cross you’ll find good-value accommodation options, as well as the St. Pancras Renaissance hotel, which is where they filmed the first Spice Girls video— you know the stairs I’m talking about!


When Notting Hill gives you the trifecta of an Instagram-worthy picture 😍

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5. Notting Hill

I know fans of the movie will want to stay in this lovely area. Although Portobello Road gets crazy busy on the weekends with tourists, the rest of the area is fairly quiet, and almost seems like another city during the weekdays. This is where you’ll find plenty of the famous rainbow coloured houses. There are quite a few fun things to do and see here in Notting Hill, and in the surrounding areas too.


6. Paddington

Similar to King’s Cross, Paddington is a great place to stay for the convenience factor. When you take the Heathrow Express from Heathrow Airport into London, it drops you at Paddington station. But besides having a busy train station, staying in Paddington also means you’ll be right by Hyde Park and Little Venice, so it’s a great area to grab a Boris Bike and go for a ride.


This spot still gives me goosebumps (or goosepimples as they say in the U.K.) ❤️

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7. Southbank or Bankside

Southbank is a fun area at any time of the year, as there’s always lots to do. You’ll be near to the Southbank (DUH), Borough Market, Millennium Bridge, and lots more. Pop up events are happening around here all the time, or you can stick to sightseeing as Big Ben and the London Eye are within walking distance.


A gorgeous day in London today. Park Lane is beaming in the light ☀️

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8. Park Lane

You won’t find any budget-friendly accommodations on Park Lane but you will find some of the most luxurious hotels in the UK as Park Lane is lined with them. Guests at these hotels get to stay right next to Hyde Park, and might even get a view of it from your bed. If you want to opt for a luxe hotel either for a special occasion or “just because”, this is a great area to start your search.

If you want to know the BEST places to stay in these areas, then grab my FREE Where to Stay in London guide, which includes hotel, Airbnb and hostel suggestions for all budgets for each of the areas in this list.


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