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If you’re visiting London in February, yes, you should expect chilly and short days, but ABSOLUTELY don’t let this scare you. There are a ton of cool special events, exhibitions and more happening across London in February, so check the list below to get some ideas for what to do around the city.

BTW, to get you prepped for your February visit, first watch my video video helping you stay warm when visiting London:

What To Do in London In February - beautiful orchids festival to visit at Kew GardensImage Courtesy of Kew Gardens

1. Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens hosts the festival of Orchids annually, and in 2023 it will be celebrating the rich and colourful culture of Cameroon (check the website if you’re reading this after 2023). Walking along the Princess of Wales Conservatory, which is designed to recreate the country’s landscape, you’ll hear and see displays of native animals made out of plants, don’t miss the towering giraffes, wallowing hippos, gorillas, and magnificent roaring lions.

Tickets to the festival are included with Kew’s general admission tickets, starting at £16.50 per person.

Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens | Book Tickets | Richmond | 4th of February until 5th of March 2023

2. London Fashion Week

If you happen to be in London during late February you might be able to snatch some tickets for London Fashion Week, one of the most important events in the fashion world. As we publish this, the schedule isn’t out yet but you can eventually find it on the LFW website. Get some tickets or you can just go around to where the events are happening and you might spot some designers, models, editors and celebs.

London Fashion Week | 17th – 21st of February 2023

What To Do in London In February - go for dinner on Valentine's Day

3. Valentine’s Day in London

London’s got plenty of romantic options for Valentine’s Day celebrations, from sexy bars, to romantic dinners, to special events and experiences. My best suggestions for V-day can be found in my article Top Romantic Things to Do in London.

Or check Fever for more romantic events happening around London.

4. Celebrate the Chinese New Year

*In 2023, CNY starts in January. If you’re reading this later in 2023, check here to see the date of the celebration for the year you’ll visit, which last just over two weeks. 

The Chinese New Year is China’s biggest celebration of the year, and since London has such a big Chinese community living here, we actually have the largest CNY celebration outside of London, so there’s tons to get involved in. Watch the parade that goes from Chinatown to Trafalgar Square, with dance performances and ceremonies to celebrate the Zodiac sign of the year.

Head to some of the stages in the West End for more activities like Chinese dances and musical performances. If you don’t know much about Chinese culture this will be a great introduction, and I’d also recommend that you try some of the amazing restaurants they have throughout Chinatown.

The traditional Chinese calendar is lunisolar, so the Lunar New Year falls on a different date each year. 

For lots of great ideas for events and celebrations you can get involved in, read How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in London.

Chinatown to West London | 22nd of January  – 5th of February 2023

For more cool things to do in Chinatown, watch this video: 

5. Imagine Children’s Festival

In the UK, kids have their “half-term” break in February, so there are quite a few events dedicated to family activities. The Southbank Centre hosts the Imagine Children’s Festival dedicated to all kinds of art and cultural experiences, including children’s theatre, music performances, literature events, comedy shows, and creative workshops. The festival is an ideal activity for those aged 0 – 11 years old.

Imagine Children’s Festival | Southbank Centre | 8th – 18th of February 2023

6. Six Nations Rugby Tournament

If you are a rugby fan then you already know that the Six Nations Tournament happens across February and March, with events all over the UK and Europe. You can see if any games are happening while you’re in town, and either catch them at a London stadium or one of these bars that will be showing the games.

Six Nations Rugby Tournament | 4th of February until 18th of March 2023

What To Do in London In February - visit the illuminated river project with a different illumination per bridge with free toursImage Courtesy of the Illuminated River Project

7. View the Illuminated River Project

Illuminated River is a project to illuminate the Central London bridges, with an estimated cost of about £3 million per bridge, currently setting the total spend at around £30 million. With over 3.2 miles it is the world’s longest public art commission, “cel­eb­rat­ing the struc­tures as archi­tec­tur­al, social and his­tor­ic­al land­marks, and cre­at­ing a sym­bol­ic link across the polit­ic­al, fin­an­cial and cul­tur­al centres of the cap­it­al”, as per their website.

You can take a boat tour to see them or a long stroll around the Southbank, the project offers some free tours, check here.

Illuminated River Project | Central London | Visit all year

What To Do in London In February - vintage car at the London classic car showImage Courtesy of the London Classic Car Show

8. Visit the London Classic Car Show

The London Classic Car Show features over 700 classic cars, from vintage Formula 1 racing cars to American muscle cars, so it’s a big day out for any car enthusiast. You can even bid on the auction of rare and unusual cars.

Tickets start at £27.50 per person.

London Classic Car Show | Olympia, West Kensington | 24th – 26th of February 2023

9. Watch the Super Bowl

If you are a fan of the Super Bowl, there are actually a few bars and restaurants in London that show it. For an up-to-date list for this year, check out DesignMyNight which has compiled a list of the best pubs, bars and parties where you can catch up with the NFL Super Bowl in London.

First or Second Sunday of February (12th of February 2023)

Go visit the London Mime Festival theatres and workshops - What To Do in London In February

10. Attend the International Mime Festival

If you’ve seen our January list of recommendations, then you might remember the International Mime Festival which spans over 26 days with events all over London, these include theatre pieces, international productions, short films, post-show discussions with creators and performers, and expertly led workshops. In February you have five more days of the festival, so see what’s on while you’re in town.

International Mime Festival | 16th of January until 5th of February 2023

Watch Matilda the musical in London - What To Do in London In FebruaryImage Courtesy of Matilda The Musical

11. Catch a theatre show

If you want to do something a bit more culturally enriching and far away from the chilly temps, then try the world-famous West End theatre district. Some of our show recommendations include The Mousetrap, the Lion King, and the Book of Mormon.

Grab some tickets here

What To Do in London In February - go visit the natural history museum

12. Visit a museum Exhibition

Most museums in London are free, but we encourage you to always make a donation (ps: some of the exhibitions have a cost). We also have a list of 15 unique museums in London that you should check out, they are mostly open all year round with permanent exhibitions as well.

This is such a fun and cultural enriching activity that you can’t miss when you visit.

What To Do in London In February - Go watch a game or a tour of Wembley StadiumImage Courtesy of Wembley Stadium

13. Watch a football game or do a stadium tour

If you or someone you’re visiting London with is a football enthusiast, then try to catch a football game at one of the many stadiums in London. Or you can book a tour of the Emirates Stadium or Wembley Stadium.

Get your Tickets here

14. Attend an event from the London Borough of Culture

London Borough of Culture is a competition between the 32 boroughs of the city in which they bid for more than £1 million to organise a programme of local cultural events and initiatives. The winner of 2023 was the borough of Croydon, so they are working on lots of fun events. Check their website to see what’s happening when you’re in town (this link will bring you to a list of events no matter which year you’re reading this!)

London Borough of Culture | Croydon

There’s your list of what to do in London in February. Have a great time in London and be sure to tag @Loveandlondon on IG if you do any of our suggestions!

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What To Do in London In February

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