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Talking about London with visitors and locals alike is my passion. Though I’ve lived here since 2013, the novelty has yet to wear off, and I’m always ready to share the new things I’ve tried, new neighborhoods I’ve explored, and new foods I’ve eaten.

I refuse to queue, and my community knows they’ll never find overpriced tickets to boring tourist attractions in my tips and advice. Instead, I want share the city’s delicacies, the local hangouts, and anything that makes a place unique and special. 

If you’re looking for a London travel expert for your outlet or publication, please contact us at

I am available for interviews and appearances, and am happy to comment on: 

London’s calendar of events

Special London pop-ups, attractions, and seasonal events

Neighbourhood highlights

Sustainable and/or vegan London 


My love for London goes hand in hand with my knowledge of how to leverage YouTube marketing to benefit your company’s e-mail list and revenue. You can find more, including my corporate speaker reel, on