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Over the years we’ve helped thousands of London tourists to have an amazing time in our incredible while also saving money and avoiding faux pas and frustrating travel mistakes.

The over 90% of our content and advice is free, and it takes a team of 8+ people to strategise each platform and keep all of the free stuff coming.

We’re always so thankful when people ask what they can do to say “thanks” for all of the help we’ve provided for free. By doing the below, we can not only keep paying Jess and the team, but it also covers the overhead cost of running a business while giving us room to keep growing and helping more people.

📙 Buy our London guides

By far the best and most effective way to show support is to buy one of our products that will provide YOU a ton of value.

All of our guides, like our itineraries and Casual Tourist Guides, can be found in the Love and London shop.

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🏨 Book your hotel through our articles

In our accommodation section we have lots of articles that will help you find the perfect hotel, apart-hotel or hostel for your London stay.

The links to each hotel are affiliated which means we earn a very small commission if you book your hotel after clicking the link.

So if you find a great hotel from our recommendations, booking it via our links help us out, at no extra cost to you.

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🚶🏽‍♀️Book your tours through our articles

Just like our hotel content, we generate commission when you book select tours through our recommended tour articles.

You can find all of our recommended tours in the Things to Do in London section of our site. You’ll find top food tours, experiences for history buffs, the best private and VIP tours in the city, and plenty of other options so you’ll definitely find something to book that you’ll love ❤️

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Thank you for all of your support, we couldn’t do all of this without people like you. – Jess and the Love and London team