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How to say thanks to Love & London

First off, thank you so much for even considering this, and it means the world that at least one of my thousands of pieces of London advice was worthy enough for you to want to give back. Your support helps Love and London grow, and allows me to continue to help London visitors to have the trip of a lifetime. It also means I can continue to keep 95% of my content as free.

Grab my travel guides

The best way to show support is to buy one of my products that will provide YOU a ton of value.

All of our guides, plus my Trip Planning Calls, can be found in the Love and London shop.

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In our accommodation section we have lots of articles that will help you find the perfect hotel for your London stay.

The links to each hotel are affiliated which means we earn a very small commission if you book your hotel after clicking the link.

So if you find a great hotel from our recommendations, booking it via our links help us out a bit, at no extra cost to you.

Buy my Bermondsey game on the Questo app

Take a self-guided walking tour with me, sort of! Grab my Bermondsey game on Questo, a free app filled with city exploration games created by locals (like me). In my Bermondsey game, you’ll learn about the history and past inhabitants of the area, and be guided to little nooks and crannies you wouldn’t have noticed or understood the story of on your own, while solving riddles and puzzles to help you get to each spot.

Download the Questo app and get my Bermondsey game in the London section. You can use promo code LOVEANDLONDON10 at checkout for 10% off!

Watch my sponsored videos

Part of the reason we’re able to provide so much free content and help is through brand partnerships. By watching and engaging with our sponsored videos, you help us out a lot, and even better if you interact with our partner in some way.

Some of our sponsored content:

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Thank you for all of your support, I couldn’t do all of this without people like you. – Jess