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Promote your brand to an audience of 500,000+ London fans.

We work with a select number of brands that align with our core values and that understand the power of influencer marketing through long-term partnerships.

We drive our engaged audience to take action. Our content has resulted in:

  • Approximately £300,000 of hotel rooms sold in 2022
  • 13 million video views for one London venue
  • An average of £12,000 in sales every month in our Shopify shop
  • Over 750,000 brand impressions for our long-term partner Google Pixel

Our audience consists of travel lovers, with a mid-range budget, primarily from the US and UK.

Some past partnership work

We’ve worked with Google Pixel, Lingoda, JobToday, Polaroid, Walks, NannyBag, Eating Europe and many other partners.

What we can do for your brand:

Advertising and Sponsorship

Our videos and social media content cater specifically to people around the world that are in the process of planning a trip to London. The community is well-engaged and invested in our tips and recommendations.

With a YouTube audience of over 250,000 subscribers and an Instagram following of 250,000 (as of August 2023) and 4+ million people reached each month, sponsoring our video content means you’ll reach a large, engaged audience. We will work with you to determine your campaign needs and present creative ideas for how we can deliver results.

We only work with brands that understand the importance of multi-piece campaigns in order to increase touch points with our audience.


Jess is available for hire as a speaker, and can speak on the topics of video content marketing, building a digital travel business, influencer marketing and visiting London. She has worked with Soho House, Sage, International Conference of Tourism Technology (Kerala, India), Janet Murray, Digital Voices and other well-known brands. Visit Jess’s website for more info on virtual and in-person speaking engagements.

Interested in working with Love and London?

BEFORE CONTACTING: please note that we do not accept and will disregard any requests for unpaid work or coverage. Such requests will be discarded.

Ready to work together? Email with your campaign brief and estimated budget available and our partnerships team will be in touch.