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Unique Museums in LondonThings to Do in London
April 13, 2021

15 Unique Museums in London to Explore

I honestly think a huge mistake that London tourists make is to only visit the city’s most popular museums, like the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. Don’t get…
Where to Stay in London
February 15, 2021

11 Cool Hotels in East London to Book a Room in

You might have read on the internet or heard from me that east London is an interesting and diverse area to explore. From trendy and not-so-secret-anyone Shoreditch to leafy Victoria…
Best apart hotels in londonWhere to Stay in London
February 8, 2021

18 Apart-Hotels in London that are Better than an Airbnb

Part of the Love and London mission is to show our community of London tourists how to visit the city in a way that makes a positive impact, because when…
I’ve covered this pretty extensively already, but the more demand that there is for Airbnb rentals in London, then Londoners will in effect be dealing with a continued increase on already VERY expensive rents, less power when it comes to shitty landlords (because there won’t be many other flats to move to instead), and neighborhoods that turn from friendly and welcoming to a jumping-off base for tourists who may or may not respect those who still live there.London Planning TipsWhere to Stay in London
February 1, 2021

Why I Don’t Recommend an Airbnb For Your London Trip

As a London travel expert, people quite often ask me for recommendations for good Airbnb rentals in London. I used to think that tourists using Airbnbs over hotels and other…
top design hotels in londonWhere to Stay in London
January 25, 2021

The Best Hotels in London for Design-Lovers

For some who visit London, the hotel they stay in is purely for sleeping. And that’s totally ok. But for others, perhaps you, the hotel is part of the experience…
Best rooftop bars in london hotelWhere to Stay in London
January 18, 2021

13 Cool London Hotels with Rooftop Bars

Staying in a London hotel with a rooftop bar has its perks. Fresh cocktails just steps away, gahgeousss views over London, and an easy walk home after you’ve had a…
Where to Stay in London
January 6, 2021

Top Areas to Stay in London For a Local Experience

If you’re booking your London hotel soon and want to feel like you’re a Londoner, there are three great areas to stay in for a more local experience. Think neighborhood…
cold weather activities for londonThings to Do in London
January 4, 2021

50 Cool Things to Do in London in the Winter (when it’s cooooold)

As a native New Yorker, I think London has fairly mild winters, relatively speaking. But having been living in London for a few years now, I’ve noticed that there always…
What to do in London on Christmas dayLondon Travel TipsWinter in London
December 7, 2020

What to Do in London on Christmas Day

Visiting London on Christmas Day? This guide will help you figure out how to have a lovely 25th of December, despite closures and empty streets (which actually sounds amazing to…
Gifts for London loversLondon Planning Tips
November 17, 2020

30+ Unique Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves London

Buying a gift for your favourite London fan? I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for London lovers that should make your shopping experience much easier, especially if you’re buying…