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Love and London Plus Sign
London Food and Drink
November 23, 2021

14 Cheap Eats in London You Have to Try

Even with this city being so expensive, there are plenty of cheap eats in London that are also really good. But the key is, you HAVE to know where to…
London Food and DrinkThings to Do in London
November 19, 2021

What To Do in London on New Year’s Eve

If you’re visiting London around New Years, you’re in for a treat. The festive season is a bit like a dreamland of Christmas lights and fun activities in the lead…
London Travel TipsWinter in London
November 9, 2021

Things to Do in London During the Christmas Season

From early November until New Year’s Eve, London is one of the most festive cities in the world, so you’re pretty lucky if you’re visiting at that time of year.…
Gifts for People Going to LondonLondon Planning Tips
November 9, 2021

Gift Ideas for Anyone Visiting London in 2022 (who doesn’t want to be basic)

Every year, I’ve published a “What to get someone visiting London next year” gift guide, and looking back, I think it’s catered to the “basic” traveler a little too much.…
What to do in London on Christmas dayLondon Travel TipsWinter in London
November 4, 2021

What to Do in London on Christmas Day 2021

Visiting London on Christmas Day? This guide will help you figure out how to have a lovely 25th of December, despite closures and empty streets (which is actually very cool…
Winter in London
November 1, 2021

Where to See Christmas Lights in London

If you’re in London around Christmastime, you’ll get to see so many beautiful Christmas lights all around the city... I personally think that London is one of the BEST cities…
London Food and Drink
October 1, 2021

Comparing London’s Top Afternoon Teas

There are some incredible afternoon teas in London, but how do you choose which one to book and spend your money on?  Instead of me saying "THIS is the one…
Moving to London
May 7, 2021

17 Important Things to Do Before Moving to London

So, you’re moving to London from abroad? Big step, but very cool. As an American who moved to London many years ago, I welcome you to this amazing city... soon!…
unique souvenirs to get in London - looseleaf tea from a small businessThings to Do in London
May 4, 2021

8 Unique Souvenirs to Get in London

Listen... I know your type. You're the type of tourist who isn't interested in bringing a "Mind the Gap" t-shirt home from your London visit. You want something more inspiring…
Fun things to do in london in summertimeThings to Do in London
April 27, 2021

8 Fun Things to Do in London in the Summer

The sun is shining, it's warm enough for dresses and shorts, and the vibes are UNREAL. That's summer in the city for ya, so if you're looking for some fun…