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Are you struggling to know what to pack for your London Trip?

Would you like for a local to tell you exactly what you’ll need for your trip– right now?

If so, you need my London Packing Guide. You’ll get a printable packing list (for the season you’re visiting), help with packing for London’s unpredictable weather, and info on what you absolutely must bring in order to be prepared for your trip.

The digital guide includes:


Printable packing lists by season

London weather guide, broken down by months

Jacket and shoes purchasing guide

“Items everyone should pack for London” list

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Learn the tips and tricks you need to optimize your trip from a former American in London.

The Packing Guide isn’t available for the moment but will be back soon.

Meet the author.

An American in London.

Love and London Plus Sign

I ‘m Jess, an American who moved to the UK five years ago and loves nothing better than finding unique, fun and interesting things to experience in London.

Over the last three years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime here in my city, through my Youtube channel Love and London.

 – Jess

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