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You’ll choose one of our packages, pick a date and time for your session that suits your schedule, and your photographer.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll get in touch to send you our custom London Photo Sessions guide that will tell you everything you need to know to make your session easy, fun and extra special. 

Love and London Shoots

On the day of your session, your photographer will take you to picturesque locations in London and capture beautiful, natural photos of you and your travel companions.

Then, a week after your session, we’ll send you digital versions of the best photos from your session, professionally edited and ready for you to share with the world.


We work with photographers who are not only knowledgeable and talented, but who are also Londoners and know how to avoid the typical London crowds, construction, and poor weather that often turn visitors’ decent photos into bad ones.  

Instead of worrying about asking strangers to take your photo and stressing about making sure you get a few great photos of your whole travel group, your photographer will do it for you. They’ll make it easy and fun, and the results will be beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

We’ll take your photo at the best spots in the city.

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Ewa (pronounded "Eva") is a professional photographer with many years of experience. She specialises in portrait and vacation photography.

During her free time, Ewa and her son enjoy exploring the best playgrounds in London.

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We take bookings up to three months in advance. If you’re traveling after that, and you’d like us to email you when bookings are open for your travel dates, sign up for our alerts below.

Everything went so smoothly and my photographer made the whole thing very comfortable. I'm usually pretty stiff in front of a camera when someone I don't know is behind it. And of course he took amazing shots! I love them. And communication beforehand was spot on - very personable and prompt!


Jess was very communicative and accommodating, and my photographer was great to work with. I don't usually have my picture taken by a photographer, but he made it easy and comfortable.


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Photoshoot FAQS

“I don’t see any appointments available with either photographers during the time that I’m in London. Can I not book a session?”    

If it’s less than three months until your desired shoot date, and more than one week, then all of our photographers are already booked up for that day, so choose another one until you find an available slot.

“What happens once I book and pay for my session?”  

Within three business days, we’ll email you with your customised London Photo Session guide, which includes info for your session like your photographer meeting point, clothing recommendations, weather guide, and more. 

Can I see each photographer’s portfolio before I choose one?

You can. We have links to each photographer’s portfolio on each package’s info page (see below.)

How does the Pick Two Mega-Shoot work?

Once you book your mega-shoot, we’ll get in touch to help you choose which of our packages you’d like to combine together. We’ll take it from there!

“Can I book a photo session if I’m a solo traveler?”  

Yes! In fact, many of our clients have been solo travelers… I can definitely appreciate being on my own while traveling and wanting to get nice photos of myself but having no one that I trusted to help.  

“How about for families– is this made for us?”    

Sure is! It’s so hard to get good photos with everyone while you’re traveling. Your photographer will get some great shots of the entire family, and ensure that everyone looks great, that there are no closed eyes, other people in the background, etc.  

“Can I give this to someone as a gift?”    

Yes– in fact, it’s a lovely idea for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift! You can purchase digital gift cards for a photo session with us, just email us at .  

“Do I need to bring anything for the photo session? ”  

We’ll have information on what you need and don’t need for your session in your London Photo Session guide, which will be sent to you a few days after you book your session.

“What happens if the weather isn’t good?”  

That’s London for ya! In just about all cases, we’ll go ahead with the shoot. Your photographer knows what to do when that happens and can still get photos that you’ll love. A few adjustments will be made on the day. In the case of severely inclement weather (like a hurricane, which is very rare!) we’ll communicate with you to rearrange your shoot.  

“What happens after the photo session?”  

Your photographer will edit the best photos from the session, and within seven days, we’ll send you a digital folder of your photos in .jpg format. How many you get will depend on which package you choose.   

“What if I don’t like the photos?”    

Our photographers are great when it comes to dealing with the elements in London, whether that be weather, crowds, construction, etc. They’ll do their absolute best to take photos that you’ll absolutely love. In most instances, the fee is non-refundable, but please get in touch if you’re not satisfied and we’d be happy to discuss.   

If you’d like for your photographer to make some changes to your final photos once we’ve sent them to you, he or she can do so for an additional fee. Just email us if you’d like more information about this.

“Can I choose a different location to what you offer in your packages?”  

If you have some other locations in mind, please book a custom package and we’ll work with you to make your dream shoot happen.

“Is there a limit to how many people can be involved in the photo shoot?”  

Our packages are designed for five or less people. Any more than that will typically take longer than a normal session. If you have more than five people in your party, please get in touch before booking via .

“Can I cancel my session if needed?”  

Of course. We know that things come up when it comes to travel. Your payment is fully refundable when canceled at least 14 days before your scheduled shoot date, 75% refundable when canceled within 7-13 days of your shoot date, and 50% refundable when canceled 72 hours-6 days before your shoot date.  Cancelations within 72 hours of the shoot date are non-refundable. If you need to re-arrange the date or time of your session within 72 hours, we will try to do so as best as possible, but if the photographer is unavailable, the shoot will be treated as a cancellation.

“Do I need to pay in full to reserve my session date?”  

Yes, but we do offer options for cancellation, as stated above.

“How far in advance can I schedule my shoot?”  

We accept bookings one week to three months in advance.