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London Spending Guide

Budget out your entire London trip with ease

Are you struggling to create a budget for your London trip?

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London is SUCH an expensive city, so it’s really easy to crush your budget without even noticing, especially when you’re also dealing with trying to do currency conversions in your head on the fly.

It’s also really hard to get a good idea of how much every part of your trip is going to cost, thinking about food, drinks, and little things like a late-night Uber ride after emerging from the club at 3am…

So to help you figure out your London trip budget and stick to it, there’s the London Spending Guide.

Plus, if you love a spreadsheet, you’ll geek out over this 😉

What’s in the London Spending Guide?

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1. The London Cost Guide, a PDF with:

  • Money and spending tips
  • Price ranges to expect for hotels, transport, food and more
  • Specific recommendations from Jess for “budget”, “mid-range” and “luxury” restaurants, hotels, bars and activities
  • … and more

2. The London Budget Tracker:

A comprehensive, but easy-to-use Google Sheets template to help you:


  • Figure out how much you need to save from each pay period to reach your trip savings goal (in your currency, 30+ are available!)
  • Calculate your total trip budget for the type of travel you want to do (budget, luxury, etc.)
  • Play around with your budgets for each category so you know where you want to spend more and where you want to save money
  • Keep track of your daily spending so you know how much you have left in your budget and when you’ve overspent

… and more

See how the Budget Tracker works…

Meet the Expert

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I ‘m Jess, an American who moved to the UK in 2013 and loves nothing better than finding unique, fun and interesting things to experience in London.

My team and I have helped hundreds of thousands of visitors to London to have the trip of a lifetime here in my city, through my Youtube channel Love and London. I know planning a big trip to London can be overwhelming, so I look forward to helping ease that worry.

 – Jess