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These are the tours and tour companies that I recommend considering when booking your tours of the city. They are not all tried and tested by us but if they haven’t, they’ve come highly recommended by our friends in the industry, and these companies align with the Love and London values. Some of the links on this page are affiliated, which means by booking a tour after clicking, you are helping to support the hundreds of free pieces of advice we have on this site and our Youtube channel. Thank you for your support.
London tours I recommend - Eating Europe

Eating Europe

When it comes to food tours in London (and beyond), I only ever recommend Eating Europe. They are good-value and are led by excellent, knowledgable, local tour guides.

Eating Europe has a few tours in London, as well as in Italy, Prague, Paris, Strasbourg, Lisbon, and Amsterdam. This is the company I recommend to friends and family when they visit London or any of the cities they’re based in.

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Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures is a world-wide company but in known in the industry as being great at promoting and supporting local economies and local people. This is something that a lot of tour companies say, but don’t actually do, while Urban Adventures actually walks the walk.

They offer a few tours in London, and tons more across Europe and the rest of the world.

If you’re on a big trip around Europe, you will probably save yourself a lot of money on tours with their Europe Multi-City Tours Pass.

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Airbnb Experiences

I’ve booked many Airbnb Experiences on my own travels as they tend to have quite unique options (I did a photography class on Venice Beach in LA once!)

There are a TON of options for London, have a good look through and be sure to check reviews before booking.

And if you haven’t signed up for Airbnb yet you can use my link to get $30 off a home booking and $11 off an experience booking.

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