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a note from Jess

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I ‘ve lived in London since 2013, and hell… I love this city.

But my love doesn’t stem from riding the London Eye, from taking cheesy photos in front of Big Ben, or eating fish and chips at some no-name pub.

It comes from finding a hole-in-the-wall family run Indian restaurant that serves incredible naan, having a picnic with friends on Primrose Hill with views of the London skyline, and curling up in a dark little lounge with a sexy cocktail.

It comes from the almost endlessly diverse cultural influences, the millions of energetic people who have adopted London as their home,

and from the little hidden gems around the city that you wouldn’t know about if that person you met the other night at the pub hadn’t told you about it.

The mission of Love and London is to help you discover that side of London too. The side that’s more than the concrete walls of the Tower of London, beyond the long queues of tourists waiting, waiting, waiting…

The character of London that has made over 8 million of its resident fall in love with it.

Through my Youtube channel, email newsletter, Instagram and my travel guides, you’ll find that undeniable love for this city too.

Jess Dante, founder of Love and London

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