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Love London? Check out these adorable London-themed handmade products on Etsy. They're great gift ideas for London lovers or just for yourself!

London lovers, these are the cutest London-themed things on Etsy. Buy a London-inspired gift for someone who's visited London or get it for yourself!
If you’ve never been on Etsy, WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN. Etsy is a site where vendors can list handmade and vintage items for the rest of the world to buy, and is the epitome of “going small biz”. I’ve bought lots on Etsy, such as my wedding dress sash, and also this camera bag, and this pre-wedding gift for Tom. I’ve also found tons of ADORABLE London-themed handmade pieces, so if you’re a huge London fan, then scroll down to see these # cute things on Etsy that every London lover should get.

1. Light-up London Underground Sign (shown above)

HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THIS?! I want this sign STAT. One of the most iconic pieces of London is the underground sign, and to have it light up while it’s sat on your wall will make you feel like you’re back in Londontown.

Get this London underground sign in the HitandMissLimited Etsy shop.


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2. London Underground Map Pillow

The underground map is so colorful and fun, so why not have it on a pillow so you can admire it while you’re lounging on the couch? The front of the pillow is made from an upcycled vintage handkerchief dating from the mid 90’s.

Get this London underground map pillow from the HuntedAndStuffed Etsy shop.


Take a look at these London items on Etsy. Give them as a gift to someone who loves London, or get them for yourself if you love London-themed gifts too.

3. London Skyline Watercolor Print

Choosing a print is a really cost effective way to add London influence to a room. This gorgeous print looks like a watercolor painting, and includes all of the most iconic buildings in London.

Get this London skyline watercolor print from the iPrint Etsy shop.


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4. London Cityscape Ring

How cute are these? Have a piece of London with you wherever you go. You can get this London skyline ring in gold, silver or rose gold and it’s pretty inexpensive too.

Get this London cityscape ring in the Laonato Etsy shop.

Cool items on Etsy that are London-themed

5. London Makeup Bag

A classy little handmade makeup bag, perfect to remind you of your time in London. Great for travel or just as your typical cosmetic bag, this is a cute stocking stuffer gift for someone who’s visited London and loved it.

Get this London-themed make up bag in the OddsnBlobs Etsy shop.

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Cute London-themed gifts and treats on Etsy. Great handmade London-themed items to get off of Etsy.

6. London-themed Cake Pops

These were just TOO ADORABLE for me NOT to include. Imagine having a London-themed wedding and giving these cake pops out as favors? I’d die. Too cute to eat? Perhaps.

Get these London-themed cake pops in the Sweet Whimsey Shop Etsy store.


7. Tower Bridge book ends

OMG how cute! These London-themed book ends are a fun conversation piece and super chic too.

Get them from the DesignAtelierArticle Etsy shop.


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These London-themed photo booth props are great for British-themed weddings. Click through to see where to get them and for other London-themed items on Etsy.

8. London-themed Photo Booth Props

I see no photo booth needs in my future but I kinda wanna just order these. Perfect for London-themed weddings or events, these photo booth props include things like a double decker bus, a heart-shaped British flag, and a red telephone booth. I CAN’T EVEN GUYS. Get these London photo booth props in the Paper and Pancakes Etsy store.


Click through for London themed gift ideas on Etsy, including this dainty London skyline necklace.

9. London Skyline Necklace

Ever so dainty and perfect to go along with the London cityscape ring mentioned before. You can get this one in rose gold, gold or silver as well. A great souvenir of London that you’ll actually use. Get this London skyline necklace in the Zizibe Jewelry Etsy store.


This London Map Heart Print is a great Valentine's day gift idea or a great gift for someone who just loves London. Click the image to see more London-themed items on Etsy.

10. London Map Heart Print

Perfectly sums up your feelings towards good ole Londontown. This is a great gift for anyone who loves London or to give to your significant other if London holds a special place in your hearts. Get this London map heart print in the AGierDesign Etsy shop.


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