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Londoners have a well-deserved reputation for their love of drinking. We excel in embracing the boozy culture, whether by enjoying post-work tipples, indulging in weekend sessions, or sipping on a refreshing G&T on a rooftop with city views. The capital offers a plethora of boozy tours and experiences to suit all tastes, from immersive gin tastings and behind-the-scenes brewery tours to unique wine shops with pick-n-mix wine dispensaries; London has it all. Join us as we take you on a journey through the top boozy tours and experiences in London. We’ll raise a glass to that.

(WA= Wheelchair Accessible)

Image Courtesy of Tally Ho

Enjoy a bike ride and gin tasting with Tally Ho

It’s no secret that Londoners love gin, but it’s not always been the glamorous city drink that it is today. The Gin Craze peaked in the first half of the 18th century, right in the midst of an overcrowded Georgian London, and people experiencing poverty found solace in gin, with around 10 million gallons being distilled in the city each year. Nowadays, it’s one of the most consumed drinks in the capital, coming in all kinds of flavours and with all sorts of garnishes. On The Gin Safari, you’ll pedal through food markets and sip on various gins whilst enjoying intriguing tales about the history of the nation’s favourite spirit. Hop on your Pashley bicycle, don a tweed cap or helmet, and immerse yourself in the essence of London’s past, exploring hidden residential areas and visiting Banksy’s iconic graffiti tunnel, with the chance to even try spray painting for yourself. You can even book a private tour for the same.

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London Gin Safari | Lambeth

Image Courtesy of Get Your Guide

Explore the world of whisky on a guided tour

Dive head first into the world of whisky on this guided whisky tour and tasting experience in East London. Visit a renowned whisky distillery, learn all about the art of whisky-making and observe the intricate processes involved in crafting this cherished spirit, all while exploring the distillery’s facilities and getting an up-close look at the making process from start to finish. Ignite your senses as you sample a selection of carefully crafted whiskies whilst appreciating their distinct flavours and aromas.

Whisky School Cask Blending Session | Bethnal Green | WA

Image Courtesy of The Ginstitute

Learn about the history and heritage of gin

The Ginstitute is another place in London that offers an insight into the story of gin whilst providing an immersive and educational experience for gin enthusiasts. Step into a world of gin mastery as you explore the distillery’s fascinating history and heritage. The Ginstitute Experience takes you on an in-depth journey through the history and heritage of gin. It’ll start with a briefing from a resident Ginstructor, who will explain all you need to know about the spirit before guiding you to one of the Blending Rooms. You’ll sip plenty of gin-based cocktails throughout the process as you take the time to pick your favourite pure botanical distillates so you can create your own bespoke bottle of gin to take back home with you.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to tales of the drink’s intriguing and sometimes mysterious history, exploring both its fascinating origins and darker moments.

If you’ve got a gin lover you’d like to buy this experience for as a gift, you can grab a gift voucher from Virgin Experience Days.

The Ginstitute Experience | Notting Hill | WA

Enjoy the English countryside with a glass of wine and some cheese in this boozy tour

Embark on an English wine and cheese tour

On this English Wine and Cheese Tour, you’ll venture outside of the city into the picturesque English countryside to discover the delights of local wineries and artisanal cheese producers. Experience the world of award-winning English wines as you indulge in tastings guided by wine experts. Take in the surroundings of the vineyards and learn all about the winemaking process, all while sipping on wines and learning about the different types you’ll get to try whilst pairing them with local cheeses.

English Wine and Cheese Tour from London | Departs from London Bridge | WA

Visitors having a great time in one of Vagabond Wines branches in London

Image Courtesy of Vagabond

Drink every kind of wine at Vagabond Wine

Oenophiles will love Vagabond Wine, located in multiple locations around the city. Each wine bar features an extensive selection of exceptional wines from all around the world, which you can try in a pick-n-mix style using their innovative self-serve Enomatic® wine machines. Whether you fancy a dry white or you want to sip on a red you’ve never tried before, knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through the selections and offer expert recommendations. They also serve a range of bar snacks and charcuterie boards for when you work up an appetite. This is a popular date night spot for Londoners, so couples will love Vagabond.

Vagabond | Multiple Locations 

Image Courtesy of Blackhorse Beer Mile

Do a beer crawl down the Blackhorse Beer Mile

Next on our list of the top boozy tours and experiences in London leads us to The Blackhorse Beer Mile, a beer-lovers paradise located in the bustling borough of East London’s Walthamstow. This buzzy stretch is home to a collection of independent breweries and taprooms where you can sample some of the best brews and craft beers on this side of the city. Explore a diverse range of flavours and varieties as you hop from one brewery to another, tasting the wide range of innovative brews along the way. Mingle with like-minded beer lovers, learn about the brewing process, and discover new favourites on this small stretch of the city that’s become a hub for all things beer. Pretty Decent Beer Co. and Signature Brew are two of our favourites (make sure you try the pizza at Pretty Decent).

Blackhorse Beer Mile | Walthamstow

Image Courtesy of Kanpai

Indulge in Japanese culture and sake at Kanpai

Immerse yourself in the art of Japanese culture with any of Kanpai’s immersive tours and experiences. Enjoy sake tasting on their sake tasting and brewery tour, where you’ll explore the nuances and traditions of this beloved Japanese drink and get an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the delicate brewing process that takes place behind closed doors. They also offer experiences where you can learn to brew for yourself over a whole day, including in-depth training on brewing sake from start to finish, with plenty of tastings along the way and the chance to continue brewing back home.

Kanpai London | Peckham

Image Courtesy of Get Your Guide

A brewery tour and tastings at Camden Town Brewery

Last on our list of the top boozy tours and experiences in London goes out to the beer lovers, who will go weak at the knees for this Camden Town Brewery Tour, where you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process used at the renowned Camden Town Brewery. It’s all about craft beer here, so be prepared to sample your fair share of brews alongside the knowledgeable guides on hand to share their sought-after expertise and beer insights along the way. Learn about the art of brewing, from selecting quality ingredients to fermentation techniques, and enjoy a beer-tasting session where you’ll try their acclaimed lagers, pale ale and limited edition drinks.

Camden Town Brewery Tour | Camden | WA

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Top Drinking Tours and Experiences in London
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