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Top gift ideas for anyone traveling Europe soon. Get them a present that will be something they'll use on their Europe trip. Ideas include City Passes, interesting travel accessories, and more.

If you need to get gifts for someone who’s going to be traveling to Europe soon-ish, then I’ve got a few recommendations for you of cool stuff that they’ll totally love to have for their Europe trip. Or if you’re the one going on a big European adventure, send this to someone who’s asking for your wish list!

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Airbnb Gift Card

So did you know that if you’re located in the US that you can give someone an Airbnb gift card? This is a great gift idea for anyone who hasn’t already booked their accommodation for their trip, and could mean the difference between renting just a private room or being able to splurge and get a really nice private home! If you’re not sure what Airbnb is or how it works, I have this helpful video called “How Does Airbnb Work? Airbnb 101 Guide” that will explain it all.

You can also send them to this page for $31 off their first booking (they might have to make a new account)

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Top gift ideas for anyone traveling Europe soon. Get them a present that will be something they'll use on their Europe trip. Ideas include City Passes, interesting travel accessories, and more.

Europe Rail Pass

If you know that your recipient wants to travel by train, then you can help them with their purchase of a Eurail pass. There are a couple of ways to go about this– the first is that you can talk to your recipient to find out which pass they want to get, and then either give them the money for it or buy it online for them. I don’t recommend just picking one of the passes because the one that will be best for them will depend on the length of their trip and where they want to go.

Or if you’d rather be a bit more of a surprise, then you can get a Rail Europe Gift Card that will help contribute towards their pass.

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Great gift ideas for anyone visiting Europe next year. Gift guide for your Europe Trip!

City Pass and/or Hop On Hop Off Tour Ticket

If your gift recipient will be spending a couple of days in one of Europe’s major cities and they’re a “major tourist sites” kinda person, then getting a City Pass or Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour ticket would be great options. The Vienna, London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, or Berlin Pass gets them free access to tons of major sites around the chosen city, and the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour Ticket gives them 24 hour access to the hop on hop off buses that travel around the city past all of the major sites.

If you’re not sure whether those two options would be good gifts for your recipient then I have two videos for you to watch that breaks down who they are good for and who they aren’t, plus pros and cons of each. Watch the bus tour video, and then watch the London Pass video.

Refillable Water Bottle

You can’t always just go into a restaurant or bar and ask for tap water in Europe, so having a refillable water bottle is handy to save money and to reduce plastic waste while traveling. It’s a great stocking stuffer, and there’s even some options that fold up so they are super small and easy to carry.

Amazon Kindle

Kindles are GREAT gifts for people who like to read lots on their vacations, and especially for people traveling to a few different places on their trip– it will help them pass the travel time. I’ve got the Paperwhite and although I love “the smell of a good book” I much rather have a teeny and lightweight Kindle to have to carry around instead of, like, 3 heavy books.

A nice idea is to also give an Amazon gift card along with the Kindle so they can get some books before their trip.

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Read the menu booklets -- great gift idea for anyone visiting Europe soon. Included in the Gift Guide for Europe Travelers.“Read the Menu” Booklets

I found this cute idea on Anthropology the other day, they’re little “How to Read the Menu” booklets for dining menus in France, Italy and Spain. They’re pretty much to help you not get anything lost in translation when you’re ordering food, especially for those with food allergies. It’s a great idea for a stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.

Have a read of the rest of my gift guides for even more great travel-related ideas for your gift list.
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