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Sunday Roast is a British tradition, so if you’re visiting London and your stay covers a Sunday, then experiencing Sunday Roast is a must for a traditional British experience.

What is Sunday roast?

As an American, it reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner, as it gives me that warm, cosy feeling inside that I usually get at Thanksgiving dinner.

When you go to a restaurant or pub and want a Sunday Roast, you’ll usually from a selection of meat.  Most often, the choices are roast chicken, beef, lamb or pork. Some places will also have a veggie option or other types of meat, but those are the typical options for Sunday roast. The meat is the main part of the dish.

That being said, the meat isn’t the only star of the show, as the sides that accompany it are delish too. You’ll often get a Yorkshire pudding, which isn’t actually pudding, but rather like a sweet pastry bread. It’s made from a similar type of batter that’s used to make pancakes.

A selection of vegetables usually comes along with Sunday roast too. What kind of veggies will depend on the place that you’re eating at, but often there are root vegetables like parsnips and carrots, or sometimes it’s a mix of cabbage, peas, and broccoli. The vegetables are sometimes brought out in sharing dishes if most of the people you’re eating with have gotten Sunday roast too.

Other common sides are roast potatoes and stuffing (which is a little different from the stuffing Americans are used to, but it’s still delicious), plus gravy to dip it all in.

How to Experience Sunday Roast in London. A guide to Sunday Roast for first time visitors to London.

Where can you get a Sunday Roast in London?

Most pubs in London will serve Sunday roast, as well as restaurants that serve British food. Because there are so many pubs all over London, there are loads of great places to have a roast, you won’t have to travel too far. You can have roast for lunch, dinner, or that inbetween time of linner. It’s pretty filling so I usually like to have it as a late lunch so I have plenty of time to digest before bed.

I recommend asking your hotel for places nearby to have a good Sunday roast, because like I said, you won’t have to travel too far to get one.

But if you’re really keen to know where I love to have roast, then sign up for my free course– 7 Things You Must Do When Visiting LondonI’ll give you some suggestions for where to go, and you’ll find out what other things you CANNOT miss when you come to London… or you’ll have not done London properly.

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