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So many of you ask me how I edit my Instagram photos, so here you go! In this video are my editing tips and tricks for making your travel photos look amazing for Instagram, whether you take them on your phone or on a camera.

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Mentioned in this video:

When taking photos for Instagram I usually use one of two different cameras. My Olympus is small so it’s great for travel, but my Nikon takes pretty awesome pictures too.

My Olympus PEN E-PL7

My Nikon D3200

The Olympus PEN has wifi built in but for the Nikon I have this little guy so that I can transfer the photos from my camera to my phone.

I also recently got the 45mm f/1.8 Micro Four Thirds lens for my Olympus PEN which takes gorgeous photos with a blurred background like this one. Get the lens: UK | US

The apps I use:


Here are some more things I use to take gahhhhhgeous travel photos and that will help you improve your piccies too.

Thanks for watching and I hope you learned some things to help improve your Instagram photos. I want to know– what other travel tips do you want to see over on my Youtube channel? Leave a comment below and I might make a video to help you out.


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