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Packing the perfect carry-on bag means will make your time at the airport and on the airplane much easier and more comfortable (I mean, I talk about fuzzy socks in this video, does that say comfort or WHAT!) I break down how to pack the perfect carry-on bag, although it’s plural for me, I always bring two bags and I explain why in the video so I guess you HAVE TO WATCH TO FIND OUT RIGHT?! 🙂

All the stuff mentioned in this video, plus more resources for packing the perfect carry-on:

My lovely under- seat bag is from Asos.

Some healthy snack ideas for when you’re traveling, thanks to Glamour.

Choose a collapsible water bottle so it saves room in your bag. Get it on Amazon UK | Amazon US

My favourite in-flight entertainment is my Kindle Paperwhite. Get it on Amazon UK | Amazon US

Books I’ve read recently on my Kindle:

Yes Please
The Vacationers

Getting comfy:

Eye Covers

My favourite travel leggings
Warm (and cute) socks
A cozy sweater

Refillable travel bottles:
GoToob (US)

Use one of the bags from  to hold your liquids

Put small amounts of creme in

Beauty bits:

My white eyeliner
My pink blush (wearing it in the video!)
Travel toothbrush and toothpaste set

Find out what my must-have travel beauty products are

Important (aka DON’T FORGET!):

Printed confirmations
Valuables (NOT to be in your checked bag)

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What else do you pack in your carry-on? Let me know in the comments.


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