If you’re in London around Christmastime, you’ll get to see so many beautiful Christmas lights all around the city. Here are some of the best places to spot beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.

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Carnaby Street

Carnaby’s lights and decorations are usually my favourite each year. This year the theme for the decor is Carnival.

This is also a great area for shopping. Check out some of the shops along Carnaby Street, as well as their Christmas-y window decorations.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street has one of the biggest light displays in London. It’s also one of the most Instagrammed. I recommend visiting just as the sun sets to try to avoid the crowds as much as you can, as the street can get SUPER crowded in December, and sometimes the Oxford Street tube station gets shut!

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Regent Street

Regent Street was the first to introduce Christmas lights to London’s West End back in 1954, and they still look incredible.

Bond Street

Bond street is a very swanky, posh shopping area, and their Christmas lights aren’t any different. They’re glamorous and extravagant, and the shops on this street have beautiful festive window displays too.

Seven Dials

A lovely area right by Covent Garden with beautiful lights and lots of great options for eating and boutique shopping.

Covent Garden

Don’t miss the city’s biggest tree, which sits here. Then head inside the market building to see the mistletoe chandeliers that are decked out with over 700 glistening berries, plus about 100,000 pea lights that are lighting up the building every evening.

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Jessica Dante

Jessica Dante

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