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With Easter Weekend in London quickly approaching, it’s time to figure out how to spend it if you’re visiting London during the holiday. The fact that it’s an extra long weekend means there is tons happening all over the city, whether you want it to be child-friendly or you just want to party your face off. There is something for everyone to enjoy during Easter Weekend in London. 

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When is Easter Weekend?

In 2023, Easter is on April 9th. Easter weekend in London is from April 7th – April 10th as the 7th (Friday) and 10th (Monday) are bank holidays. That means that Londoners do not have to work on Easter weekend if they’re working in a job that operates at regular Monday-Friday office hours. If they work in hospitality or public transport, they might have to.

What’s open in London during Easter weekend?

Most things are open until Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday, many businesses will observe limited hours. Expect supermarkets and large stores to be completely closed.

You’ll be able to find restaurants to eat in on Easter Sunday in London quite easily, but book in advance as some will have special menus and the best restaurants will book up early.

Opening times for each London tourist attraction will vary so check its website for clarification.

Will public transportation run on Easter Weekend in London?

Sunday timetables usually apply to public transport on bank holidays, and many lines will have reduced service due to planned maintenance work. So just give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you’re trying to go.

If you have something scheduled on Easter Weekend in London and you want to see how long it will take you to get there with the bank holidays hours, use Google Maps or Citymapper and adjust your travel time for the day and time you need to arrive. Both of those apps will account for any planned maintenance work happening.

If you need to get to or from the airport or anywhere in London you might want to consider pre-booking a taxi. We recommend doing that with Welcome Pickup.

Picture of the front façade of Westminster Abbey.

Things to do on Easter Weekend in London:

Where to celebrate Easter in London (in a religious capacity):

Giant gold Lindt bunny in fromt of Hampton Court Palace.Image Credit: Hampton Court Palace

Kid-friendly things to do on Easter Weekend in London:

Picture of the lake at Kew Garden's, with tons of green wild vegetation and trees surrounding it.Image Credit: Kew Gardens (Lake and Crossing)

Other fun things to do on Easter Weekend in London:

For more ideas have a read of  Top Things to Do in London in April.

Easter Weekend in London is bound to be jam-packed with some amazing events. From Easter egg hunts to bottomless brunches, to church services, and shows, there is something designed for everyone.

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What to do on Easter Weekend in London. Both religious and non-religious things to do in London on Easter
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