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London is super Instagram-friendly. With pops of bright red all over the city, and unique little finds almost everywhere you go, there’s so many things to Instagram in London. When you’re in town and have your iPhone or camera in hand, challenge yourself to capture everything on this list of 20 things to Instagram in London.

If you share any of these spots on Instagram, use the hashtag #LoveandLondon so I can see, and your photo might be featured on the Love and London Instagram account.

Some Instagram tips for London

How to deal with cloudy London days

We get a lot of those. Avoid ugly grey skies by not photographing taller icons on those days, like Tower Bridge and Big Ben. They’re so high up that you can’t avoid shooting the sky around them. Instead, go for photographing subjects that will take up the whole frame, like straight-on shots of buildings in Soho, parks with trees overhanging, and eye-level street art.

How to avoid people in your photos

Sorry for the bad news, but especially if you’re visiting in the summer, then you’ll need to wake up early to get the shot. Shooting just after sunrise will be the quietest, plus you’ll have the best light. So that little sacrifice will be worth it for the beautiful shots you’ll get, without the crowds.

Is it safe to ask a stranger to take a photo of me in London?

Generally speaking, not much will happen beyond getting a crappy photo because the person you asked didn’t know how to take a good one. Personally, I am usually running around London with my Canon M50 and I wouldn’t trust anyone with it, because even if they don’t run off with it, they could easily drop it.

20 things to Instagram in London… let’s go!

Scattered around London are these cute little mews. They can catch you by surprise …

A photo posted by Jess Dante (@jess_inlondon) on

1. The Mews

Mews are cute, quaint little alleyways and streets that are hidden around London. The one shown above might be the most famous. They’re very Instagrammable. Just be aware– some are private, so don’t go down them.

Talk about curb appeal 🌈 found in Notting Hill, London. A photo posted by Jess Dante (@jess_inlondon) on

2. Colourful houses in Notting Hill

The colourful houses of Notting Hill almost don’t seem real. Wander around near Portobello Road and you’ll be sure to spot some.

3. Street art in Shoreditch

Street art can be found in all different parts of London but in Shoreditch, it’s around every corner. Because it’s ever-changing, beautiful, and colourful, it’s one of the best things to Instagram in London.

4. Afternoon tea

Because it’s just TOO DAMN PRETTY. If you want to know the best places to get afternoon tea in London, grab The Local Guide to London.

5. The skyline from Waterloo Bridge

The Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Bridge can be seen on one side of Waterloo Bridge, and then on the other is the Oxo Tower, the Shard, St. Pauls, and a few more. It’s a major photo spot.

6. Red telephone boxes

Because #iconic, and one’s just not enough! I point out where to find some red telephone boxes in my post about 5 Great Photo-Taking Spots in London.

7. Big Ben and Parliament from Westminster Bridge

At the time I’m publishing this (2018), Elizabeth Tower, which is the tower that holds Big Ben (the bell), is majorly under construction, and not as picture perfect as usual. But I’ve seen some lovely photos taken here despite the construction.

8. The symmetrical trees in Green Park

The symmetrical tree line in Green Park creates leading lines, which in the photography world, is incredibly appealing to the eye. Definitely worth visiting Green Park for an Instagram shot.

9. An underground station

This is best at night or early in the morning, when it’s not so crowded.

10. Columbia Road Flower Market

All the pretty flowers. Enough said.

11. Rooftop bar

If you’re visiting London in the warmer months, a must-do is visiting a rooftop bar. Grab yourself a drink, then snap an Instagram shot of the city.

12. A cute English pub

They’re all over the place, and many have flowers on the exterior. The tradition of putting flowers outside a pub started a couple hundred years ago, when pubs didn’t have names. So everyone would say “let’s meet at the pub with the pink and purple flowers”. Cool.

13. Pimms, al fresco

The drink of choice for the English when the sun’s out for five minutes, if you don’t hold it up and take a photo, did you even really drink it? Served at most bars and pubs in London.

Piccadilly piccadilly. #piccadillycircus #london #streetlife #2015 #thisislondon A photo posted by Türkan (@tersninja_) on

14. Piccadilly Circus

Hide the tourists, point your camera up to capture all of the pretty and less of the madness.

Hats on caps on hats… and the men who purchase them. #thisislondon A photo posted by Jess Dante (@jess_inlondon) on

15. Quirky London shops

London’s shops are definitely playing up to the Instagram generation, making their shopfronts as pretty as a picture. You’ll find plenty of cute shopfronts all around the city, making this one of the easiest things to Instagram in London.

16. London’s vintage shops

If you’re a vintage lover, London is a goldmine for you. Head to Shoreditch for the most vintage shops in the smallest area, and snap some Instagram shots while you’re shopping.

Watch my video on the best places to go vintage shopping in London.

17. Standing on Tower Bridge

You can walk across Tower Bridge and when you do, look up. It’s an impressive piece of work, and definitely worth a #lookup Instagram shot.

One of the most instagrammable spots in Londontown.

A photo posted by Jess Dante | Love and London (@jess_inlondon) on

18. St. Paul’s Cathedral from Millennium Bridge

They line up so perfectly. Head to the Tate Modern, and you’ll find the bridge. Make sure you’re centered perfectly or the photo will look a little wonky.

19. The ceiling at the British Museum

Looks cool, and it’s proof that you’re cultured. JK 🙂 The museum holds over a million artifacts… make sure you give yourself a few hours to explore once you get that Instagram shot.

20. A red bus

You can’t go to London and not Instagram a red bus. It’s just too iconic.

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