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You’ve got to get some great photos while you’re visiting London, they make for the best souvenirs that you’ll look at for decades into the future. Lots of people get the same, boring photos while in London, here are some hidden spots to get gorgeous, London-y captures while you’re here.

Need some help getting good photos of you and your travel buddies while you’re in London? Keep reading for some help.

Take incredible photos and Instagrams in these top photo spots in London. Get local tips for where to get unique, interesting shots in London, and all of the spots are within walking distance. Get some amazing photos while visiting London.

Victoria Tower Gardens

Just past the Houses of Parliament is Victoria Tower Gardens. So many people don’t know this beautiful place exists! Not only is this park a lovely place to visit and relax for a bit, but it makes for absolutely beautiful photo opportunities too. Head to the river bank and get some shots of the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Hold out until there are some red buses in the background.

Where to take good photos in London. If you want very London-y photos while you're visiting, here are some great hidden spots to get lovely photos of London icons.

Find these hidden photo spots in London to get great photos of some of London's most famous icons while you're visiting. Where to take nice Instagram shots while visiting London. This park is a hidden secret in London, right near Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament

Take some photos in front of the Houses of Parliament for an interesting, textured background, not to mention all of the history you’ll be stood in front of! Try to get a shot with a black taxi or red bus in it too.

Where to take photos while visiting London.

Where to get some vacation photography in London.


Great spots to take photos in London. Take them yourself or go for our London Photo Sessions.

Red Telephone Boxes

A classic! There are a bunch of boxes you can take a photo with in the Westminster area, right by the two spots I’ve already mentioned. I don’t recommend going too far inside them though, they’re usually pretty smelly… yeck.

Where to take pictures of red phone boxes in London

Where to take pictures of red phone boxes in London

The London Eye

The best place to take photos of and with the London Eye is across the river and on Victoria Embankment. It’s also a much quieter spot that anywhere near the London Eye where you might try to take a photo, including on Westminster Bridge. Plus, the straight-on photo looks incredible.

Best places to take beautiful photographs while in London. Get great Instagrams while visiting London.

Where are the best Instagram spots in London? Take great photos of London in these top photography spots.

Do you like the photos you’ve seen so far? 

Whitehall Gardens

Navigate to this beautiful little part of the city for pictures with incredible architecture and greenery in the background. It’s not usually too crowded in here, so you’ll be able to get some great photos without crowds of people in the background.

Where to take good photos in London

Top london photo spots for photography and Instagram

Areas to take photos in London


Happy photo-taking!

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