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London’s so lovely in the fall, so if you’re visiting during the autumn season, these are some things you can do while you’re here.


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Visit London’s parks

London’s green spaces look oh-so-pretty when the fall rolls around, as the leaves change and fall to the ground. You might even have decent enough weather to have a little bubbly or a picnic in the park. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, many parks in London have a few activities you can do like cycling, horse riding and more.


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Museums and galleries

A visit to one of London’s 278 museums and art galleries is a great idea in the autumn because it doesn’t require any type of decent weather. Many of these art galleries and museums are completely free to visit too– great for all budgets.

Annual autumn events in London

There are a couple of big annual events that you should take advantage of if you’re here when they’re on.

Halloween (31st October)

If you’re in town for Halloween, you’ll be able to find tons of fun Halloween-y things to do. Some are family friendly, but there are many “adult celebrations” at bars and clubs around the city. This article from Time Out London populates some of the top things to do for Halloween in London as it gets closer to the 31st of October.

Bonfire Night (5th November)

Bonfire night is also referred to as Guy Fawkes night. It’s a “tribute” to the night in 1605 when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. Ever since then, around the UK, Brits create massive bonfires on the 5th of November, with a straw version of Guy Fawkes at the top that goes up in flames too! You probably won’t come across a bonfire while in London but you should definitely go watch one of the many fireworks displays around the city.

Cool Things to do in London in the fall season. If you're visiting London during the fall, these are some lovely fall things to do and experience while you're in London.

Fall and winter-themed food and drinks

Some of London’s bars and restaurants bring out fall and winter-inspired menus and decor starting in October, but even if you don’t get involved with that, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good drink or a nice dinner in a cosy bar or restaurant. I personally love enjoying some red wine at an intimate wine bar like The 10 Cases, a dark, sexy little spot in Covent Garden that only has 10 tables and only gets 10 cases of each wine they serve so that they’re always changing it up and offering new wines to try.


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If you’re a whiskey lover you could warm up with some proper whiskey at Milroy’s in Soho. Oh, and here’s a little secret– in the evenings, if you push back the bookcase in the back of the bar, you’ll get to their secret underground cocktail bar called The Vault.

Finally, don’t be afraid to continue to eat and drink al fresco when you’re in London in the fall. Many places are set up to help you enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible, giving you blankets to sit with and heaters to put on so you stay toasty warm.

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When will you be in London? Let me know in the comments, and for more London tips read these articles next.

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