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Hi there, thanks for sticking with us. In light of the last couple of weeks, I want to put a full statement regarding the state of travel to London. Please see it below.

Follow government advice only

Your country’s foreign travel department, which is the State Department for the US and the FCO for the UK (for UK outbound travel) is where you should get your official recommendation for whether it’s safe to travel or not. Unfortunately, many news outlets are incorrectly reporting the situation, so always go back to the government travel advice and follow that.

If you still want to travel to London, at the moment, that’s great.

Many countries are not limiting entry or exit to or from the UK at the time of publishing this. That could of course change, but the decision to come to the UK is a personal decision, and yours to make. The city needs your custom more than ever, so you will be welcomed with open arms, less crowds, and discounts.

We’re not answering any questions about the current situation.

My team and I are not able to provide any information to you about whether or not you should choose to come to London, at any point in the future. We also can’t provide “on-the-ground” information to you about the state of the city. Things change too quickly for us to report, you should be referencing your country’s travel advice for official information and direction, and again, your choice to come here is a personal one that we cannot advise on.

Please do not send us messages, comments or emails asking for advice or commentary.

Be kind to travel staff

I can understand the frustration you might be having when trying to get answers about your own trip. But please remember to be kind to the people trying to help you. Many are about to lose their jobs, many have been overworked and asked to take unpaid leave. Many small businesses in the travel industry, including mine, are about to lose just about all of their revenue over the next couple of months, at least. They are trying to help you with the limited information and power they have, so don’t make their day worse. Be a good and empathetic person.

Keep booking travel

This will eventually blow over, and travel will pick up again. But many businesses, even large national carrier airlines, are unlikely to survive without your help.

Please continue to plan and book your future travels. Most companies are offering incredibly flexible cancellation policies for future bookings. Booking your flight, tour, hotel, etc. for your trip a couple of months down the line could be the difference between that company staying afloat and going under, plus you’ll get a pretty good discount. Things like travel guide books can be used for years down the line, and even engaging with your favourite creator and consuming their content even if you’re unsure when you’ll travel is a huge help too.

I’ll be sharing more tips for how to keep planning your London trip in the next few days, and from next week, our content will be back to normal, sharing tips for your London trip. It will be in reduced numbers, to keep our costs as low as possible, but please stay with us please, please keep watching and engaging, so that when this blows over, we can come back in full swing and help you plan the best trip ever to this amazing city.

– Jess Dante, Founder of Love and London

Jessica Dante

Jess is the founder of Love and London, an online travel guide that helps London tourists to visit London like they live there. She's been featured in Refinery29, Forbes, BBC Radio 2, HuffPost, and more. Jess is also a sustainable and ethical travel advocate.