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This week over on my Youtube channel I tackled another question that was sent to me in response to last week’s post— how to NOT overpack your suitcase.

I am 100% guilty of being an over-packer– and it ain’t pretty. But I developed a system that helps me to pack only the clothing that I absolutely need– it just takes some extra packing prep before you throw everything into your suitcase.

In this video I’ve shared the system that I use to prevent overpacking my clothes for holiday so you can do the same for your next trip away.

Mentioned in this video:

My key pieces:

Black Skinny Jeans (H&M)
Chambray Shirt (Forever 21)
Leather Leggings (ASOS)
Black Dress or Skirt (ASOS)
White Button-Down Shirt (H&M)

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How to Not Overpack Your Suitcase - use this system so you can pack less clothing into your suitcase the next time that you go on a holiday or vacation. This video shows you how to plan out your outfits before you pack to make sure you take as little as possible while still being able to look put together and stylish while traveling.s


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