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I’ve always loved how Londoners don’t let the less-than-lovely weather dampen (yeah I said it) their fashion sense. The London look is also classy, never messy, and involves plenty of classic, timeless pieces. So when you visit, here are 10 outfit ideas to inspire you for what to wear while in London.

1. Pop on a collared shirt

When I think of what the London locals wear, I usually think of an outfit similar to Julia from Gal Meets Glam’s, shown above. London locals love a classic, girly collared shirt, whether on its own or under a jumper (sweater).


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2. Pair long sleeves and booties with shorts

It’s not often, even in the summer, that it’s REALLY warm here in London, so it’s common to pair warm weather pieces, like shorts, with long sleeves or booties, just like Jules from Sincerely Jules has done above. You’ll love this look once the sun sets and London’s evening summer chill sets in…


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3. Go for all black

An all black outfit is definitely not frowned upon in London, and during the winter, it’s somewhat common to see it. If you want to dress with a bit of edge while in London, go for an outfit like Noor from Queen of Jetlag’s.

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4. Throw on a blazer

Temps usually get fairly low at night even in the summertime in London, so you’ll definitely need something to go over a dress or a minimal outfit, and a blazer will do the job. Keep it summery by going with a light color, like Rosie from The Londoner has. Those shoes are ridiculously cute too…


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5. Pick a curve-hugging pencil skirt

Pencils skirts are in right now (not just in London of course) and if it’s spring or summer while you’re in London, this is a great option for dinner or a night out in town. I love this muted red one that Yara from Chapter Friday is wearing, and the casual top paired with it makes it less formal.

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6. Top it off with a stunning hat

You guys KNOW I love hats! London is the THE city to rock a hat, so stop into TopShop or Primark and pick one up while you’re in town. I love the one that Olivia from What Olivia Did is wearing, the colour is perfect for the wintertime, and it’s the centre of attention when worn with that off-white dress, so try to do something similar while you’re dressing yourself for some fun around London.

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7. Pair tights with shorts

Londoners, including myself, live in tights. Even in the summertime they’re still worn somewhat often (although I REFUSE of course, out of principle, it’s SUMMER!) London locals wear shorts all year round by pairing them with tights and booties — you can totally wear some thick socks to keep your toes warm, as they’ll be hidden! Try an outfit similar to Suzie’s from Hello October.


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8. Rock a long line coat

So classic, and helps to keep you warmer. These longline coats are so popular in London, so when you visit, rock one, or take it as an excuse to do some shopping on Oxford Street… This gray one on Camille from Camille Over the Rainbow is just lovely, don’t you think?

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9. Stay warm with a big ole Tartan scarf

I love a chunky scarf, and Tartan is standard London. Keep yourself warm and blend in with the Londoners with a scarf like the one Aida from Ducleida wore around Shoreditch.


Outfit ideas for what to wear in London. 10 outfits for inspiration for what to wear while in London

10. Stay dry with a pair of Wellies

Wellies are what the English call tall rain boots like these ones that Alexandra from Lovely Pepa is wearing, and with so much rain in London, every Londoner owns a pair. If you’re visiting, they may be a bit too heavy to pack in your suitcase, but if you find yourself needing some, you can pop into Primark and pick up a cheap pair that you won’t be sad to leave behind if you need to.

What do you plan on wearing while visiting London? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to PIN THIS to your London Pinterest board.


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