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I get this question a lot– how can I travel more even though I have a full-time job? It’s something that I’ve dealt with myself, and even though I know have more flexibility in my schedule to travel because I’m a full-time blogger and freelancer, my husband works a typical 9-5 job and only has a set number of vacation days/holiday.

In this video, I tell you how you can travel more even while working full-time. It’s completely possible, I promise! Watch the video, and check out the links below to help you get traveling.

Mentioned in the video:

AirBNB (for apartment/house rentals)
Our trip to Florence (November)

More links that will help you travel more with a full-time job:

How to Have a Staycation
10 Jobs that Pay You to Travel
How to Plan a Last-Minute Weekend Getaway
How to Ask for Time Off at Your New Job (The Right Way)


  • Simon O'Keeffe says:

    Hi Jess, Great video!!!

    I have been asked this question millions of times in the past 15 years. Here are some of my recommendations.

    – Get a job with your University’s Study Abroad Program or with a private Study Abroad provider. The big University’s and private guys are everywhere and almost on all continents.
    – Teach English as a foreign language. It has worked for 100’s of graduates. Spain, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Gulf States. I get tons of FB feeds from friends that have taken this route and love it!
    – If you are American, look at jobs that support the military overseas. MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation provide events and support to overseas bases. I was forever running into these guys on the slopes in Switzerland with Military groups based all over Europe).
    – Look for jobs with lots of vacation time. Teachers and anything else that might be seasonal.

    Good luck and happy travels.


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