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London visitors sometimes need to find a place to store luggage in London, often on the day they arrive or plan to leave the city. Even if you are staying in a hotel that lets you store your luggage before or after checkout, you might not want to have to worry about the hassle of getting to your hotel to drop off or pick up your luggage and cutting into your exploring time.

I’ve put together a comprehensive list of options for storing luggage in London, so if you’re in need of dropping your luggage somewhere in the city, you should find something in this list that will be quite convenient for you.

This article is sponsored by Nannybag, the go-to service for luggage storage around London and all over the world. Instead of lugging your bags around the city or spending hours traveling to your hotel to drop your bags before going sightseeing, book a storage spot anywhere in the city. Keep reading for more info and a discount code.

List of Luggage Storage Locations London

Do hotels in London let you store your luggage?

Yup, most hotels in London have storage areas for your luggage if you’re a guest that’s checked in or out that day. You can generally leave it there if you have a reservation and you arrive early, or if you have just checked out and you still have some plans in the city.

Make sure you check with your hotel ahead of time to see if they charge a fee for leaving bags. Most won’t… but if you’re in a hostel, many will have lockers you can use but will have to pay for.

Finally, if you’re doing something at a hotel that you’re not actually staying at, like having dinner or afternoon tea, they’ll usually let you store luggage while you’re there.

Will your London Airbnb let you store your luggage?

Generally, no, but you can ask your host. This is one of the many reasons why we don’t recommend using Airbnb in London.

Do hotels in London let you store your luggage?

Store luggage in London train stations

You’ll be able to store luggage in most of London’s major train and bus stations through as “left luggage” service. Here’s a list of stations that offer it, and what you can expect in terms of hours, pricing, etc.

Victoria Coach Station

The left luggage office in Victoria Coach Station is near Gate 0.

Hours: Open 8 am-10pm, daily

Fees: from £5 for 1-3 hours.

More info

Victoria, Charing Cross, Kings Cross, Euston St. Pancras International, Paddington, Waterloo, Liverpool St. Stations

All these stations are served by the Excess Baggage Company. You can pre-book or simply drop off your luggage when you get to the station. They also have additional services like baggage weighing, baggage shipping, baggage wrapping, etc. and offer group discounts.

Hours: Charing Cross, Kings Cross, Euston, Paddington, Waterloo, Liverpool St: Daily from 7am-11pm

Victoria: Daily from 7am – Midnight

St Pancras International: Mon-Sat 5:30am-11pm, Sun 7am-11pm

Fees: For up to 3 hours per bag – £7.50, 3-24 hours – £15

Left Baggage site


London airports with luggage storage

London airports with luggage storage

All London airports have luggage storage, and allow for storage for multiple days too. This is a good option if you’re taking a trip out of London for a few days and plan to come back before heading home.

Heathrow Airport

You can find storage facilities on the ground floor in all terminals. These are operated by Excess Baggage Company (same as the train stations) and they can store luggage for up to 90 days. Pre-booking and drop-off options are available.

Hours: Daily 5am-11pm (except terminal 4, which opens at 5:30am)

Fees: For up to 3 hours, per bag – £7.50, 3-24 hours – £15, 24-48 hours – £22.50

Heathrow left luggage website

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick has a luggage storage service at both North and South terminals (the only two terminals at Gatwick), located by the arrivals area.

Hours: South Terminal: 24 hours 7 days a week, North Terminal: Daily 5am-10pm

Fees: For up to 3 hours – £7.50 per item, 3-24 hours – £15

Gatwick left luggage website

Stansted Airport

The left luggage system is operated by Excess Baggage, and located at the International Arrival landside concourse.

Hours: Mon-Sun: 05:00 – 23:00

Fees: For up to 3 hours – £7.50 per item, 3-24 hours – £15

Luton Airport

There’s a left luggage facility at Luton but there’s no info online about pricing.

There’s no left luggage facility at London City Airport.

Store luggage in London around the city (independent luggage store companies)

Book luggage storage around London

Instead of having to lug your stuff around before you check into your hotel (or after you have to check out) or having to leave it at the hotel and then go allllllll the way back to get it after your day of sightseeing, you can easily book luggage storage around the city with Nannybag.

The way that it works is that Nannybag has tons of partners around London who have safe storage spaces available. Book one from just £6 per bag for 24 hours, then drop your bag(s) and off you go sightseeing (also keeping in mind that many major sights and museums won’t allow you to bring bags inside anyways).

Want a discount? Use this link to book a Nannybag slot and use code LOVELONDON15 for 15% off! Discount expires 31st May 2024.


Store luggage in London museums and attractions

Some of London’s museums and major attractions have bag storage and/or cloakrooms where you can leave your bags since many of them don’t allow bags inside. It’s not a perfect solution but could be helpful if you plan to visit already or if you are just too tired from lugging them around all day…

  • Tate Modern – requires a £4 donation for the cloakroom, while lockers have a refundable £1 deposit
  • National Portrait Gallery – there are lockers and a cloakroom. Lockers cost £1, and the cloakroom asks for a £2 donation. Storage for up to 2 hours.
  • National Gallery – there are cloakrooms behind the info desk in Sainsbury Wing, and on the lower ground floor in the main building. Bags larger than 40x25x25cm are not allowed. The fee is £1.50 per bag.
  • Kensington Palace – has a free left luggage facility that operates on a first come first basis.
  • London Transport Museum – has a free cloakroom with no size or weight restrictions.
  • Tate Britain – has a cloakroom, they ask for a £4 donation, and has no size restrictions.
  • Natural History Museum – there are two Cloakrooms. Bags 4-9kg are £3, 9kg+ are £6. All bags must be collected by 5:45pm.
  • Science Museum – there’s a cloakroom on ground floor. Bags must be collected by 6pm. Small bags are £2 and suitcases are £4.
  • V&A Museum – there are two cloakrooms. Bags larger than 56x45x25cm are not accepted. £3 for cabin-sized bags and £5 for large bags.

Other options to store luggage

These aren’t ideal but could work as a last resort if you just need to drop off for a few hours.

  • Westfield Shopping Centre (White City) – the cloak room is open Monday–Saturday 10am–9.30pm and Sunday 12 noon–5.30pm. It’s £8 for a large suitcase and bags can’t stay overnight. Find out more.
  • Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford) – the cloak room is open Monday – Saturday 10am–9pm, and Sunday 12 noon–5.30pm. Luggage (up to 15kg) and handbags are £5 for 0-5 hours or £10 for 5-24 hours. Find out more.
  • Self-Storage/Safestore – If you need long-term baggage storage in Central London, this could be a good options. Prices start from £11 per locker per week, with locations in Paddington-Marble Arch , Earl’s Court, King’s Cross and Camden.

Phew… you should definitely be able to find a place to store luggage in London with this huge list, and if you’re sick of seeing the word luggage by this point, I do NOT blame you 🙂 Thanks to Nannybag for sponsoring this article. Book your luggage storage via this link and use code LOVELONDON15 for 15% off. Expires 31st May 2024.

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